iPad 3 and More Next Week

Today Apple sent out central invitations for a media eventuality on Mar 7th.  The eventuality is scheduled for 10:00 AM PT (1:00PM ET) and will be reason during a Yerba Buena Center for a Arts in San Francisco.  As we can see a tagline on a invitation reads “We have something we unequivocally have to see. And touch.”  So if it looks like an iPad and touches like an iPad protected arrogance is that this eventuality is for a entrance of a iPad 3.

This arrogance really many creates clarity since we’re roughly accurately a year from when Apple announced a iPad 2.  They customarily have on year product cycles and we’ve listened so many rumors newly some of them are firm to be true.  We could design a retina arrangement (2048×1536) and a improved camera like a iPhone 4S as these seem to entirely align with Apple’s product line and their shopping power.  We might als see Siri integrated into a iPad 3 yet that’s not a given.  We are not expected to see any smaller cause iPads.  4G LTE is a probability yet not expected yet I’ll note that a iPhone 4S on ATT can technically be a 4G phone due to a radio chips inside.

I’ve review some rumors that a cost of a iPad 3 might be aloft than a iPad 2 formed on some of a components costs. we don’t see this as expected yet as that doesn’t fit in Apple’s strategy.  The iPad 2 will many expected be discounted.  How many will count on either they’re shutting down a prolongation line and perplexing to repay a register or either they’ll keep a dual products using concurrently like they have with a iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

We also might see a revamped Apple TV and a new adaptive audio application format used to tide song from a cloud.  Rumor on a indent there is that a format will adjust to your tie and accessible bandwidth to adjust a streaming distance to broach a best sounding audio from a cloud.

I’l be covering a outcome of a eventuality week so get excited.  Let’s see how the predictions reason up.  More Apple news to come.