Happy President’s Day 2012 – VIDEO

In respect of this year’s President’s Day we wanted to share some presidential associated party news.  No this one isn’t about President Obama, it’s all about former polite fight boss Abraham Lincoln who happens to be one of a reasons we even applaud President’s day.  Yes, he is famous for a Gettysburg Address and famous for pardon a slaves (in a insurgent territories) yet currently he is famous as Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

The initial central trailer for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter was expelled progressing in a week (check it out next after a break).  It looks awesome.  It’s formed on a 2010 book of a same name by Seth Grahame-Smith (created The Hard Times of RJ Berger on MTV and wrote other important works).  I’ll acknowledge that we have’t review a book, yet I’m going to supplement it to my list (after finishing a Song of Ice and Fire Novels).  If we wish we can review about a book on Wikipedia.  I skimmed a essay and a book sounds unequivocally engaging and it’s certainly a cold subject to take a chronological figure such as Lincoln and put him in such a abnormal illusory context.  It’s chronological novella on a whole new level.

The film is set to recover on June 22, 2012.  It stars Benjamin Walker as Lincoln himself and was created for a shade by Seth.  It’s being constructed by Tim Burton and a executive is a same man who did Wanted.  It has also been shot in 3D so I’m presumption there’ll be some cold movement scenes.

The film wasn’t creatively on my list of 2012 cinema we wanted to rush and see (click a couple to check out a finish 2012 film guide) yet after saying a trailer we unequivocally wish to go see it.  What do we think?  Enjoy a trailer.