Diabetes Research Institute Foundation Takes Lead Role in University of Miami

MIAMI, Feb 17, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) —
Accelerating a longstanding joining to heal diabetes, a Diabetes Research Institute Foundation is creation a lead present of $100 million to Momentum2:

The Breakthrough Campaign for a University of Miami. The idea of
the University’s Momentum2 Campaign, announced Feb 16, is to
raise $1.6 billion by 2016. The debate will build on a resounding
success of Momentum: The Campaign for a University of Miami,
which lifted a ancestral $1.4 billion by a time it resolved in 2007.

“As one of a University’s longest supporters, a Foundation has had a
unique partnership with a UM Miller School of Medicine,” says Robert
A. Pearlman, President and Chief Executive Officer of a Diabetes
Research Institute Foundation. “We see Momentum2 as an
opportunity to significantly boost a appropriation for a cure-focused
research going on during a Diabetes Research Institute and put an finish to
this harmful illness that affects millions of children and adults
across a globe.”

UM President Donna E. Shalala says, “The DRIF’s lead present is momentous.
The University demonstrated in a initial debate that we are committed
to substantiating a world-class institution. The Miller School of Medicine
and a Diabetes Research Institute are pivotal to that goal.”

The Diabetes Research Institute has turn a universe personality in
cure-focused research, achieving groundbreaking strides that have been
made probable in good partial by a DRIF’s care and countless
contributors. Supported by private philanthropy, a Foundation is the
single largest donor in a University’s history, carrying supposing more
than $225 million to date for translational investigate during a DRI.

“It is unfit to exaggerate only how vicious a DRIF’s support has
been to us,” says Pascal J. Goldschmidt, M.D., Senior Vice President for
Medical Affairs and Dean of a Miller School. “Because of their
consistent funding, we have been means to make unusual discoveries
toward a heal for form 1 diabetes and interpret a commentary in a lab
to patients in a safest and many fit approach possible.”

The Miller School of Medicine’s concentration on investigate has been dramatic,
helping it stand 12 spots in a past 5 years to No. 39 in National
Institutes of Health funding.

UM Trustee Stuart Miller, Chairman of a Miller School’s Momentum2
campaign, says he’s unapproachable that a lead present for a University is
coming from a DRIF. “This speaks to a impact a Diabetes Research
Institute Foundation and a Miller School of Medicine have when it
comes to improving and saving tellurian lives. Momentum2 will enable
us to make that difference.”

The Momentum2 debate seeks to allege training and raise the
lives of UM students who come from all corners of a universe to study,
conduct investigate and urge their community. Funding is especially
critical and life-changing during a University’s Miller School of
Medicine. That’s where a debate will work toward recruiting
top-notch faculty, pushing collaborative investigate and afterwards propelling
those discoveries to patients in South Florida and beyond.

The prophesy to emanate a multidisciplinary core focused on curing
diabetes was recognised by Daniel H. Mintz, M.D., DRI’s founding
scientific director, who bridged a unaccompanied partnership between the
University and a Foundation. Building on this early vision, the
DRI’s unusual discoveries over a past dual decades have come
under a care of Camillo Ricordi, M.D., systematic executive of
the Diabetes Research Institute and a colonize in islet cell
transplantation, a cell-replacement therapy that has easy natural
insulin prolongation in investigate patients, some of whom have been living
insulin-free for some-more than a decade.

“The indifferent and dedicated support of a DRIF has authorised our
researchers to pursue innovative cell-based therapies directed during curing
this disease,” Ricordi says. “This latest present is zero brief of
extraordinary and inspires all of us to work harder to strech a common
goal in a shortest time and many fit approach possible.”

The Diabetes Research Institute Foundation is one of a world’s most
respected diabetes organizations and attracts a support of those who
are serious, ardent and committed to restorative this disease. The DRIF
was founded in 1971 by a tiny organisation of relatives who common a dedication
to anticipating a heal for their children with diabetes. That one idea – a
cure – has been and will continue to be a unaccompanied concentration until that
goal is reached.

Pearlman says a lead present will safeguard that Momentum2 is a
success and serves as a plea to other donors to join them in saving
lives by a medical investigate going on during a Miller School of

About a Diabetes Research Institute Foundation

The Diabetes Research Institute Foundation (DRIF) is a classification of
choice for those who are serious, ardent and committed to curing
diabetes. Its idea — to yield a Diabetes Research Institute with
the appropriation required to heal diabetes now — is a covenant to
the faith that tomorrow is not shortly adequate to heal those vital with

A 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation, a Diabetes Research Institute
Foundation was combined for one reason — to heal diabetes — that is and
will continue to be a unaccompanied concentration until that idea is reached. For
the millions of people and families influenced by diabetes, the
Diabetes Research Institute Foundation is a best wish for a cure.

For some-more information, call 1-800-321-3437 or revisit DiabetesResearch.org.

About Momentum2: The Breakthrough Campaign for a University of Miami

Momentum2: The Breakthrough Campaign for a University of Miami
seeks to allege learning, rouse scholarship, and make confidant strides in
healthcare in a community, opposite a country, and around a world. Momentum2
comes on a heels of a institution’s record-breaking Momentum
campaign, that resolved during a finish of 2007 and lifted some-more than $1.4
billion for included chairs and professorships, scholarships, facilities,
academic and medical programs, and other initiatives.

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