2012 Movie Guide and a Ones to See

I came opposite this good beam during forevergeek.com covering cinema of 2012 so they get sum credit for spawning this post.  It’s a vital beam finish with film descriptions, trailers and links to their central site.  I review by and I’m going to share one film from any month that I’m looking brazen to.  Be certain to check out a site and intermittently check for updates. See all my picks and a trailer for my many expected film after a jump. Enjoy!

February 24 – Gone

March 23 – The Hunger Games

April 13 – The Cabin in a Woods

May 4 – The Avengers

June 8 – Prometheus

July 3 – The Amazing Spiderman
July 20 – The Dark Knight Rises ****The one I’m many vehement for****
(July is a good film month)

August 3 – The Bourne Legacy

September 21 – Hotel Transylvania

October – Nothing is throwing my fancy

November 9 – Skyfall

December 14 – The Hobbit