They’re Giving Julian Assange a TV Show – VIDEO

Yeah, we review that title correctly.  In one of a weirdest things we saw currently Wikileaks itself announced that a Bond-villianesque Julian Assange will be removing a TV show, in that he’ll be interviewing “key domestic players, thinkers and revolutionaries.”  Details are on a light side so distant though it seems he’ll be operative with a prolongation association called Quick Roll Productions on a 30 notation weekly talk show.  I rarely doubt a uncover will make itself to American TV.  In box we didn’t know he’s not on a tip of many American’s favorite lists.  I’m going to bed that you’ll find it online, presumably hosted during Wikileaks.  Who know’s what’ll come of it though I’m going to symbol this one as “interesting” and let we all confirm for yourself.  Everything above is fact and if we unequivocally wish some-more check out a interwebs or go true to Wikileaks.

No that’s not indeed Assange, though it does make him demeanour like a Bond villian.  Enjoy a humorous video after a break.  Who knows, it might be what his new uncover might be like.