One Home Office Man’s Belated iPhone Migration

I bought an iPhone recently. After about half a century on a BlackBerry Pearl – whose box was smashed and whose trackball had mislaid a ability to lane – this home bureau businessman picked what prolonged had been a Forbidden Fruit. we unequivocally favourite my Pearl, and generally appreciated a pintish distance that done it scarcely invisible in my pocket. It was a badge of respect — carrying something those who know me know I’ve carried for so long. But it was aged and failing a slow, vulgar death. Most of all, it tiny ability to accommodate my genuine motivation: My 12-gigabyte-and-growing iTunes library.

But what’s a suburban-dad / tiny business owners to do when faced with dozens of smartphones – any entirely able of doing my business needs, though generally equal in attributes such as size, estimate power, megapixel cameras and a like?

I searched and scoured a landscape — looking for one device that would reinstate a devoted apparatus and beam me kindly (and belatedly, it seems) into a 21st Century.

I demo’d a Motorola Razr on a Android OS. Nice. Powerful. As a fan of All Things Google, we was drawn by a Android guts. On a Verizon Wireless 4G network, it was disagreeable fast. With a Kevlar behind and Gorilla Glass front, it was a audacious beast. But, alas, it’s form cause was a vast too vast to nest absolutely in my pants pocket. It wasn’t for me.

I went to my mobile carrier’s store, and touched, fondled, played with and generally demo’d all a inclination – from Samsung, Sharp, Sony, Pantech, LG, HTC, and a lot. None had a memory we wanted – during slightest though a memory card. None was, in a end, as elegant, elementary and streamlined as a iPhone 4S. It’s as superb a device as is out there. It’s powerful, tiny adequate for my pockets, and fit utterly easily indeed in my business / personal lifestyle.

The initial thing we did once we got home – after snatching it out of my kids’ hands – was change a signature. That’s a tiny summary that’s embedded during a finish of each email sent from a mechanism or wireless phone. The iPhone’s default sig says, “Sent from my iPhone.” Frankly, Apple gets adequate giveaway broadside from a millions of phones in consumer and tiny business owners’ hands.

I went to Settings Mail, Contacts, Calendars Signatures, and wrote a new sig. It enclosed my name, home bureau phone number, and my dual primary URLs ( and Simple as pie. Certainly some-more effective as a selling gesticulate than that stupid default message. we reckon Mr. Jobs is looking down and nodding in agreement.

Then we commissioned a passcode (Settings General Passcode Lock). The universe is too full of malcontents and ne’er-do-wells to trust something as absolute as a smartphone when incorrectly out of my grasp.

I afterwards sealed into GMail (Settings Mail, Contacts, Calendars Exchange…). If a iPhone is an superb square of hardware, GMail is as absolute and superb a mail, contacts and calendaring height as is accessible on a marketplace – generally when using on a iPhone. Installing GMail also was flattering elementary on a Razr we demo’d. But after a discerning hunt for “How to implement GMail on an iPhone” on YouTube, we was on my way. (It took some removing used to. GMail on a iPhone operates like an sell server. When we open, record or undo an email here [on whichever device ‘here’ might be], a same happens on a other. Much opposite from my Pearl).

Then we got to installing apps. No Angry Birds here. All giveaway and capability focused. Among a apps we installed…

– No games (see prior paragraph). Except chess. we puncture chess. we scent during it, though I’m always carefree that I’ll kick a mechanism during a turn aloft than 3 (of 10).

– A horde of news apps – NYTimes, Wall Street Journal, inhabitant magazines, my internal papers, and several domestic pubs. I’m no news addict or domestic wonk, though we wish my media tighten when I’m so inspired.

– A QR Code reader. QR Codes are apropos an critical selling / messaging tool. They’re easy to use and with a right reader, elementary to read.

– A few favs: IMDb (International Movie Database), Pandora (the ‘music genome project’), Rhapsody, Google Earth, Skyview (a good app – only launch and reason it toward a sky to learn what astronomical bodies are looking back), ESPN, my bank, (a good financial government tool).

The iPhone fits orderly into my life, as good as my pants. When we incite in a morning, we spend 10 mins clearing a cobwebs from my mind with a discerning email check and surfing session. Then we go about my business.

Contrary to a warnings of my kids and some adults we know who have an iPhone, I’m not dependant to a device. It’s a stinkin’ phone, for Pete’s consequence – an elegant, small, absolute phone. But a phone nonetheless.

Without Angry Birds.

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