New Year , New Partnership

Happy New Year (again dual weeks later). we take it that you’re all carrying a good start to a new year. It’s an sparkling time in a universe of entertainment. We’ve seen some good new film trailers come out, a winter TV deteriorate is about to start and awards deteriorate is only around a corner. More on all of that to come in a subsequent few weeks.

Today we wish to announce a partnership with crony of mine, Jeni, a associate blogger who writes good TV uncover recaps for shows that we do not cover such as Modern Family and How we Met Your Mother and more. First you’ll notice a couple to her blog on a right sidebar (under Friends). You’ll also start to see a ~weekly square here on Mars Musings that was created by Jeni. We’re calm sharing. We trust the posts are interrelated and can offer we a most improved experience. So check her out during She also has roughly a year of repository to peruse as well.