After Navy SEAL Raid Frees 2, Somali Pirates Move American Hostage

MOGADISHU, Somalia — Pirates changed an American warrant during slightest 3 times in 24 hours and threatened Thursday to kill him after U.S. Navy SEALs discovered an American and a Dane in a bold, dark-of-night raid that raises questions about either other Western captives are now in larger danger.

“If they try again, we will all die together,” warned Hassan Abdi, a Somali bandit connected to a squad holding a American, who was kidnapped Saturday in northern Somalia.

“It’s formidable to reason U.S. hostages, since it’s a diversion of chance: die or get outrageous money. But we shall hang with a skeleton and will never recover him until we get a ransom,” Abdi said.

U.S. Navy SEALs parachuted into Somalia early Wednesday and hiked to where captors were holding 32-year-old American Jessica Buchanan and Poul Hagen Thisted, a 60-year-old Dane. A shootout ensued and 9 captors were killed. Buchanan, Thisted and a U.S. infantry were all unharmed. The dual support workers had been kidnapped by gunmen in Oct while operative on demining projects for a Danish Refugee Council.

Buchanan and Thisted were flown to a U.S. Naval Air Base during Sigonella on a Italian island of Sicily to bear medical screenings and other evaluations before streamer home, a U.S. invulnerability central said. Buchanan’s family was assembly her during a base, that is a heart of U.S. Navy atmosphere operations in a Mediterranean.

The U.S. supervision pronounced a raid was stirred by Buchanan’s deteriorating health. An bum Frenchwoman kidnapped by Somali gunmen died in chains final year after not carrying entrance to her medication.

In a issue of Wednesday’s rescue, a squad holding a American kidnapped in a northern city of Galkayo have changed him 3 times, Abdi said.

“Holding hostages in one place is doubtful now since we are a subsequent target,” he told The Associated Press by telephone.

He also voiced regard that a U.S. has bandit informants.

“It wasn’t only a hit-and-run operation, yet prolonged designed with a assistance of insiders among us,” Abdi said, observant that a Americans struck during a time when a pirates were slightest on their guard.

U.S. State Department orator Victoria Nuland pronounced U.S. officials have been in strike with a family of a latest American abduction victim.

“We are also operative with a contacts in Kenya and in Somalia to try to get some-more information,” Nuland told reporters in Washington.

“Obviously we reject abduction of any kind and call for a evident recover of a victims – any victims. We also would note that a transport warning for Somalia does counsel U.S. adults about a risk of travel.”

Other hostages hold in Somalia embody a British traveller and dual Spanish support workers seized in adjacent Kenya, a French troops confidant and 155 sailors of several nationalities hijacked by pirates during sea.

The support organisation Doctors Without Borders, famous as Medecins Sans Frontieres, employed a dual Spanish women. The organisation pronounced it was gratified that Buchanan and Thisted were liberated and was seeking a recover of a workers, Montserrat Serra and Blanca Theibaut. It hinted, though, that it views troops raids as risky.

“MSF strongly favors a pacifist fortitude of such cases, as a use of force endangers a lives of a hostages and competence outcome in a comfortless detriment of tellurian lives,” a organisation said. “We call on a Somali population, generally a internal authorities in control of a areas where a dual are held, to do all in their energy to support in their protected release.”

It’s not always transparent what organisation is holding a serf in Somalia, and hostages have infrequently been sole from one squad to another. Captives can be hold for prolonged stretches: Two reporters from Canada and Australia were hold for 15 months before being expelled in 2009, and a French troops confidant has been blank for some-more than dual years.

The confidence village is divided over either a U.S. raid would make life some-more formidable for a other captives or either a killings of a 9 captors competence make pirates consider twice about rising destiny operations, a Western central in Kenya said. He spoke on condition of anonymity since he was not certified to pronounce to a media.

On Wednesday evening, hours after a U.S. troops raid, a squad holding a American warrant started present fake rumors that they had executed him.

Another confidence central who has years of knowledge in a segment pronounced it was expected a group holding a American would pierce him onto a boat with other unfamiliar hostages, since ships were easier to urge and formulation rescue operations is some-more difficult when hostages from other countries are involved.

At slightest one bandit concluded with his analysis.

“I consider land chains is going to finish now. Sea is most safer,” bandit Mohamed Nur pronounced by phone from a coastal city of Hobyo. “Even ships are not really safe, yet we can during slightest strike behind and resist.”

Americans have been prisoner by Somali bandit gangs before. In 2009, a load vessel Maersk Alabama was quickly hijacked before pirates took to a boat with a ship’s captain, who was discovered after Navy sharpshooters killed a pirates.

But in a pointer that pirates are removing increasingly aroused – and maybe jumpy – 4 Americans onboard a hijacked yacht were killed final February. It’s still misleading because a hostages were shot.

Several comparison pirates cursed Wednesday’s U.S. raid, that was certified by President Barack Obama, and during slightest one warned that other U.S. hostages competence humour as a result.

“They send strike squads and kill all they want, so there is no approach we will caring for their (hostages) while they are murdering us. They will see a aftereffects and reap a formula of their actions,” pronounced Bile Hussein, a Somali bandit commander.

A orator for Somalia’s U.N.-backed supervision pronounced a pirates got what they deserved.

“Pirates have no place in a society,” Abdirahman Omar Osman told a AP. “This is a outrageous and memorable doctrine for them.”


Associated Press writers Jason Straziuso and Katharine Houreld in Nairobi, Kenya, and Matthew Lee in Washington contributed to this report.


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