Musing Review: Whitney – Private Parts (S1, Ep11)

2012′s initial new part of Whitney noted a pierce to Wednesday nights so it can be a lead in to Chelsea Handler’s new show.  The part was usually alright and not unequivocally a good follow on from a Christmas part (which we can note that we did not review).  I even watched it twice since we suspicion we was too dreaming a initial time.  It didn’t get any funnier a second time.  So I’ll bottom line it.  It was not quite funny, a story line was engaging (in concept) and again Alex was a funniest one on a show.

The part was entitled “Private Parts” and focused around a judgment of couples gripping things to themselves.  The trigger resource was a fact that Alex has a cue on his phone and again that sent Whitney into one of her “routines.”  The uncover transitioned into together storylines about what couples keep from any other.

Neal and Lily changed in together for a initial time.  Odd these days for an intent couple, though it worked for a storyline.  They got to learn about any other unequivocally quickly.  Lily wore a mouth ensure and a lavatory had walls that were a small too thing.  Uh oh, don’t go to a lavatory too loud.  Nothing like lavatory humor.

After Whitney was already doubtful of Alex’s sealed dungeon phone she walks on him how can we contend … carrying fun with himself.  She had never seen him do that before.  Shocking!  That finished adult being a funniest storyline.  However, it was too most baseband amusement for me, not intelligent during all.

There was another stage where Whitney’s secrets were unclosed while reading her diary when they were all during Neal and Lily’s new place.  There were some good one liners though zero unequivocally spectacular.  At a finish of a episode, everybody was alright again and of march Alex and Whitney had an “awww” moment.  Roxanne and Mark were flattering most new in a episode.

You can substantially tell from my tinge that we wasn’t unequivocally enthused.  This is a second part in a quarrel that wasn’t sparkling for me.  It wasn’t a best approach to start out 2012.  I have had high hopes for a uncover and this part didn’t help.  I can usually wish it get’s better.  Thankfully there is Chris D’Elia to move a comic relief.  Remember that a uncover changed to Wednesday night’s when we wish to watch subsequent week.

Watch Whitney Wednesday’s on NBC or locate adult on or Hulu.