Musing Review: Alcatraz Season Premier (S1, Ep1 Ep2)

I write this tonight as a third partial is about to atmosphere on Fox so I’m a small bit late though I’m unequivocally many behind this show.  Yes, we know I’m doing it again. I’m removing held adult in a new array premiere on a network (Fox) that isn’t famous for gripping new shows on a air.  I should  have schooled by now though we unequivocally favourite Terra Nova.  Enough about me, onto my take on Alcatraz.

It’s a unequivocally engaging judgment from a mind of J.J. Abrams (who in my mind doesn’t do too many wrong).  He executive produces a uncover about a famous jail Alcatraz (“the rock”) and 302 scandalous prisoners and guards that have started appearing 50 years after declining though a clue.  I was doubtful of this judgment before we watched though after we watched it was usually crazy adequate to work since they during slightest done it a small some-more complex.

One night all in 1963 all of a prisoners and guards left though a trace.  Two guards detected a people were blank and this caused a supervision to cover adult a disappearances.  The open thinks thats a jail sealed from disrepair and that all a prisoners were eliminated out.  They kept a animate adult and many of a people “died” via a years.  Hold that thought.

Now roughly 50 years after a people who dead have started display adult again. As many of a dead were prisoners they came behind behaving crimes.  Does anybody consider this sounds like The 4400? (Though there’s no denote they have special powers).  As we saw in a premiere some of their crimes were partial of their strange M.O. or crimes of passion (revenge) though some of them were for a reason.  Who’s pulling their strings?  Why have they come back?  Hmmm…  I consider this could be a good storyline to explore.

The uncover follows 3 categorical characters.  First is a damaged San Francisco Police Department detective, Rebecca Madsen (played by Sarah Jones), who is carrying a tough time removing over a genocide of her partner.  The second is a hardass FBI agent, Emerson Hauser (played by Sam Neill), who was one of a guards that found out everybody was blank in 1963 and has clearly spent his life perplexing to recatch these criminals.  The third is a wise, nerd, sage-like consultant on Alactraz, Diego Soto (played by Jorge Garcia) who is there to yield all a required credentials on a guards and prisoners.  So distant Hauser is a many intriguing.  He’s traffic with 50 years value of issues and seems to have a dim side with rather good intentions.  He came off officious creepy in a integrate scenes.  Sarah and Diego are now partners as she’s reserved to a FBI (how convenient).  He’s personification this arrange of comic service and serves to belligerent us behind existence when a hardened cop/agent go off a record.

The account is told in a flashback process (a la a progressing seasons of lost) and it serves to wobble a backstory of Alcatraz with a stream day hunt.  The visuals are good and a jail looks authentic.  The song is a small too many like mislaid for me.  I meant it works, though it sounds too many like it.  I didn’t demeanour during a audio credits though we gamble they review identical to that other J.J. Abrams show.

I consider a format of a uncover will work.  The initial dual episodes followed a “baddie of a week” format in that they chased down dual opposite inmates.  From a preview we review about tonight it’s going to continue to follow that pattern.  The contingent has to locate all of these criminals though vouchsafing a open know.  How could they explain that these “dead” criminals have come behind to perform some-more crimes?  Of march they forsaken in nuggets of information about a deteriorate prolonged story line (I’ll get to that in a minute).  This format will assistance a infrequent spectator stay on tip of a uncover that might eventually lead to aloft ratings.  The some-more critical spectator can spend each partial perplexing to figure out a longer tenure plot.

So there were dual nuggets already forsaken that we consider can be engaging story lines.  Apparently a man who murdered Sarah’s partner was an inmate.  Not usually was he an invalid though he is Sarah’s grandfather.  On tip of that Sarah was always taught that her grandfather was a guard, not an inmate.  There’s so many there that’s developed for exploring.  The second gob is that once they recapture a prisoners they move them behind to some creepy distraction of Alcatraz that is out in what I’m guessing to be a woods outward of San Francisco.  I gamble they’ll use that in sequence to doubt inmates from progressing episodes. Are people go to shun from there?  What’s unequivocally going on there?  There’s always a backstory of Alcatraz that could make for some good TV too.

I suspicion it was a good start.  I wish a array premiere was one constant dual hour retard contra dual graphic episodes though I’ll take what we can get.  I wish it goes on for a whole deteriorate so we can try all of a threads that have been laid out.  I’m anticipating J.J. as EP delivers for us once again (with hopefully some-more answers).  What did we think?

Watch Alcatraz Monday nights during 9:00PM ET on Fox.  Catch adult on or Hulu.