Movie News After Dark: Epic Space Jockeys, Netflix for Neckties, Thor 2 and an …

Noomi Rapace in Prometheus

What is Movie News After Dark? It is all about film news, it happens nightly, and we should never, ever go to bed though it. Should we occur to do so, we’re many expected going to send someone out to learn we a lesson. And we don’t wish to learn any tough lessons now, do you? We didn’t consider so.

We start tonight with an picture that is unconditional a internet. With a tiny lightening, this new picture of Noomi Rapace in Prometheus reveals a span of Space Jockeys in a background. It’s tough to tell from this angle, though they demeanour rather vast and intimidating. It goes along with a quote writer/producer Damon Lindelof gave to Hero Complex: “The film is unequivocally epic in a scope. One of a filmmakers that we finished adult articulate about to a satisfactory grade of excess was David Lean, who destined ‘Lawrence of Arabia.’ We wanted to make a film feel large by carrying a characters be tiny in large spaces. That connected to a incomparable themes we were articulate about — that we’re all usually these tiny gnats crawling around on a tiny planet.”

Did we watch a Golden Globes final night? If so, we might wish to share with us your opinion on whether or not Ricky Gervais was too tame, as 24 Frames suggests in their analysis. He did unequivocally give it to Johnny Depp, possibly way. Also, there were Beaver jokes with Jodie Foster.

“It’s a many regretful film in a story of time. It’s a abnormal romance.” That’s Mad Men teacher/sexual intent Abigail Spencer articulate about Joss Whedon’s stirring film that will be sharpened subsequent month. Yes, that’s 3 films finish all in a time that he’s been operative on The Avengers. As a male who has had some-more than a few projects get cancelled before their time, he has clearly taken a proverb “strike while a iron is hot” to heart.

Fans of The League and neckties can rejoice together, as “Netflix for neckties” appears to be a genuine thing.

Tonight’s book brings us dual important works of art. First, a new print for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. It’s very, really bad print work:

Abe Lincoln: Crappy Poster

On a other finish of a spectrum is a crony Hector Pahaut, who has expelled his possess chronicle of a print for Oscar contender The Help. It’s got color, animation and copiousness of metaphor. Much improved than a folks over during 20th Century Fox, to contend a least:

Hector Pahaut's The Help Poster

Upon winning a Golden Globe for his opening in Luther, all press wanted to know from star Idris Elba was “will we be behind for Thor 2?!” He will be back, he confirmed. Idris Elba is behind for Thor 2. Now ease down and go watch Luther.

Denizens of suburban Washington, DC, ready yourselves. The Alamo Drafthouse is relocating into One Loudoun in Ashburn, VA. This means copiousness of beer, special events and exhibitional brilliance a likes of that we can’t even suppose are headed your way. Seriously, start building adult a toleration for boiled pickles now. It’s a usually approach you’ll survive.

Over during, Matt Christensen writes entirely in his try to explain 11 noted film deaths. Ever consternation what would occur to Hans Gruber’s physique as he strike a ground? It’s distant some-more hideous than you’d think.

Ever consternation how Hollywood keeps a quarrel scenes realistic though carrying a actors indeed kick any other to a pulp? The Cage Doctors has a video explaining it all. Or many of it.’s Eric D. Snider, a favorite review of yours truly, ponders why people Redbox a Movies they do. The likes of Just Go With It, No Strings Attached and I Am Number Four graced Redbox’s tip 10 rentals of 2011. Personally, we censure a government’s underfunding of a open schools system.

The Wackness and You’re Next writer Keith Calder uses his personal blog to troubadour about Killer Elite and a shortcoming of producers when it comes to element “based on a loyal story.” It’s a fascinating read, one that shines a bit of light onto a inner-workings of a minds that furnish a films we spend hour on hour articulate about.

It’s Monday, that means simply that a internet has given us a present of nonetheless another trailer mash-up of The Dark Knight Rises. This time it’s a audio of a TDKR trailer over video from Batman: The Animated Series. It’s eery how tighten they get it: