Jason Taylor announces retirement

DAVIE, Fla. –

Miami Dolphins linebacker Jason Taylor has announced Sunday will be his final diversion as a veteran football player.

Taylor, 37, done a proclamation after a Dolphins’ use Wednesday.

“After 15 years of doing this and 13 here in Miami, unfortunately and opportunely — it’s been a good run in some ways — this will be my final diversion as a Miami Dolphin and as a veteran football player,” Taylor said. “I demeanour brazen to enjoying this week and shower it all in for a subsequent few days. We have a diversion left to play. There will be a time for appreciate yous and goodbyes and all that. This is not a time, though we will contend this will be my final diversion as an NFL football player.”

When asked what stirred his decision, Taylor pronounced he satisfied it was a right time to retire.

“It’s been a tough year, unfortunately. We’ve had some good times, though we’ve had a lot of bad times this year, too, tough times. This classification in a future’s going to make some changes, and we consider partial of those changes is wanting to residence some crew positions. This is a right time for me to go forward and go and concede this classification to grow and improve,” Taylor said.

It is wise that it would be opposite a opposition New York Jets. It’ll be his 204th diversion with a Dolphins, that ranks second to Dan Marino’s 242.

Taylor spent all though dual of his 15 years in a NFL with a Dolphins. He had one-year stints with a Washington Redskins and a Jets.

Taylor is a NFL’s active career pouch personality with 139 ½, that creates him sixth on a all-time list. He was a actor of a year in 2006 and warranted 6 Pro Bowl selections. He never done it to a Super Bowl.

Taylor has scored 9 touchdowns, a many by any actor whose primary position was a defensive line and who entered a joining after 1970. His 4 safeties are tied for fourth many in NFL history. He binds a Dolphins record with 27 fail recoveries.

Taylor is certain to stay bustling in retirement. He has dabbled in behaving and warranted runner-up honors on ABC’s “Dancing With a Stars” in 2008. He has been respected many times for his work in a community, and his South Florida substructure has contributed some-more than $2 million in grants and services to assistance children.