Gluten Free Bakery South Florida: Stop by Belly Hugs

Belly Hugs of Hollywood, Florida is the go to location for pre-made gluten-free, casein-free, wheat free foods. Visit or call (954) 322-8291.

Belly Hugs is a specialty bakery that produces baked goods without the use of grains. They produce muffins, cookies, breads, buns, and other bakery favorites that are grain free and dairy free. Belly Hugs is located in Hollywood, Florida just sixteen minutes from Port Everglades. Port Everglades is the second largest cruise port in the world, with many Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises departing from there. Travelers can stock up on grain free, gluten-free, and casein-free foods at Belly Hugs before their cruise trip. Visit for more information on this gluten free bakery South Florida location.

Gluten Free Bakery South Florida: Gluten-Free Foods for Cruises

The Belly Hugs gluten free bakery South Florida location offers delicious gluten free treats.

Fort Lauderdale travelers in need of gluten-free or casein free foods can rely on the tasty food products from Belly Hugs. They produce wheat free/dairy free chips, breads, cupcakes, and other bakery favorites. They are the perfect place to go for stocking up on snack items to help supplement meals on cruise trips. Belly Hugs is located at 6678 Stirling Road. Foods at this gluten free bakery South Florida location are pre-made and can be picked up or pre-ordered. Belly hugs also fills special orders for gluten-free broths, condiments, waffles, donuts, and more.

Gluten Free Bakery Miami: Specific Carbohydrate Diet Foods

People with intestinal diseases such as Celiac disease require gluten-free foods. Belly Hugs produces a variety of specific carbohydrate legal foods that are safe, easy to absorb, and made from 100% organic ingredients. They are a great way to always have something tasty on hand. Belly Hugs foods are specifically designed to provide customers with healthy foods that are digestive illness safe. Belly Hugs foods are safe for customers with Crohn’s disease, Celiac disease, Colitis, or other chronic digestion conditions.

For more information about gluten-free/casein-free foods and the Belly Hugs gluten free South Florida location, visit

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