Downtown Miami: The new Silicon Valley?


Watch out Silicon Valley.  South Florida is dynamic to climb adult on your turf.

A Miami-based association is assisting start-ups account and grow record businesses in South Florida.

“All a condos are 90 percent assigned now, so we have a garland of immature people vital in downtown. We have to get jobs for them and they’re all meddlesome in technology,” pronounced Marc Billings of Incubate Miami.


The classification is saved in partial by a DDA, Miami Dade County and a sovereign government.

“The simple grounds is that we take immature companies and try to assistance them get nurtured and unequivocally get a right advice, appropriation and mentorship,” pronounced Billings.

It works a lot like a TV uncover Shark Tank.

Start-up business owners make their pitch. In Andrea Fuentes’ box it’s a amicable media character cooking application.

“It’s real-time livestream so we could be cooking along with we and 5 of your friends,” pronounced Fuentes.

Incubate Miami decides if it wants to account them and assistance a business grow.

“What we give them is a operation between $25,000 to $50,000 to get started and about 6 months in a bureau space in Miami,” pronounced Billings.

He pronounced he feels downtown Miami is a ideal mark for record companies to emanate jobs and thrive.

“Downtown Miami is a place that has a civic firmness and a civic hipness to spin around and be a courage and soil of Miami and that’s what we consider it takes,” pronounced Billings.

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