CES 2012: Day 2 Highlights

Today was day dual of a International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2012.  There were again countless things function – a lot of interviews and a lot of new products were debuted today.  I advise we go to Engadget to get most some-more minute coverage, or any other tech news site.  Here’s a link to yesterday’s highlights (as we saw them).  I didn’t find a lot of gadgets that we was unequivocally vehement for though here are some that we suspicion were cold from today.

Wikipad Prototype – This device is a multiple of a inscription and gaming controls that is also 3D.  It sounds like all we would wish in a gaming device and a inscription is removable and serviceable separately.  The 3D is eyeglasses free, so no irritating things on your face.  It runs Ice Cream Sandwich Android so you’re in for a flattering good user experience.  It is set to strech shelves in a spring, no cost tab has been set.  It sounds flattering awesome, partial of me wishes they’d make this gaming appendage for a iPad.

Ford iHeartRadio Integration – Ford has taken a step of integrating a control of iHearRadio into a SYNC complement regulating a underline it calls AppLink.  AppLink allows voice control of smartphone apps when a app builds in a feature.  I occur to adore iHeartRadio and listen to it roughly each day in a automobile to and from work.  It only has so many stations, many non blurb giveaway and we can emanate tradition stations like we can with Pandora.  It’d be good to control it hands free.  I wish this unequivocally starts a trend and we see some-more formation of cars with smartphones in a months/years to come.

Those are a dual gadgets we suspicion were cool. As an engaging side note apparently Justin Bieber, approbation – a Biebster, was there compelling a robot.  He apparently combined a lot of hum though a drudge wasn’t so cool. Read about that here.