69th Annual Golden Globes – A Live Blog

Tonight’s post is a live blog of a 69th Annual Golden Globes hosted (again) by Ricky Gervais.  I wish it’s a good uncover tonight.  Best of fitness to all of a nominees.

Unfortunately we have not seen all of a cinema / shows nominated.  Where we can I’ll troubadour about a category.  Otherwise I’ll usually imply a winners.  Enjoy tonight. Updates will be during a bottom of a post.

Best Supporting Actor – Motion Picture: Christopher Plummer – Beginners

Best Actress – TV Series, Comedy or Musical: Laura Dern – Enlightened

I did not see all of a shows in this category. we customarily lift for Tina Fey since we trust she is usually so gifted and wonderful. we also occur to adore 30 Rock.

Best Mini-Series or TV Movie: Downton Abbey

Only saw one part of this uncover and we knew it was a winner.  I could usually tell from that tiny dash how good it was done. Congratulations – it unequivocally shows how duration pieces can be finished good on TV.
Note: Acceptance debate thanked a audience.  Yeah – assembly FTW.

Best Actress in Mini-Series or TV Movie: Kate Winslet – Mildred Pierce

Kate Winslet has such beauty and poise.  Her acceptance speeches are always so good.  Congratulations!

Best Actor in a TV Series – Drama: Kelsey Grammer – Boss

This is always such a tough difficulty to predict. Every actor is implausible in their possess right.   we was unequivocally pulling for Damian Lewis.  I suspicion he played such a complex, good created character.  It takes extensive ability to lift a purpose like that off.

Best TV Series – Drama: Homeland

Another formidable category.  Every uncover was so good.  I likely a leader and am unequivocally excited.  I don’t even know what I’d call a tighten second.  I would have been happy with Game of Thrones or Boardwalk Empire.  Congrats!  The uncover was positively spectacular.

Best Original Score – Motion Picture: Ludovic Bource – The Artist

Best Original Song – Motion Picture: “Masterpiece” – W.E. – Music Lyrics By: Madonna, Julie Frost and Jimmy Harry

What’s a understanding with Madonna’s arms?  They are not flattering (at all).  They competence haunt my nightmares tonight – seriously.

 Best Performance By an Actor in  Mini-Series or TV Movie: Idris Elba – Luther

Actress – Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical: Michelle Williams – My Week With Marilyn

Didn’t see a film nonetheless her acceptance debate was great.  I desired a call outs about her daughter and her tie in to Marilyn’s win 50 years ago.

Best Supporting Actor in a Mini-series or TV Movie: Peter Dinklage – Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones FTW!  Peter is so honourable of this award.  His description of Tyrion Lannister truly brought a impression to life true out of a book in such a constrained way.  Although he’s usually deliberate a ancillary actor he unequivocally carried many tools of a deteriorate all by himself.  Congratulations!

Best Animated Feature Film: The Adventures of Tin Tin

Go Steven Spielberg!  Such a fantastic film builder with already a long, extensive legacy.

Best Screenplay – Motion Picture: Woody Allen – Midnight in Paris

Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television: Jessica Lange – American Horror Story

Definitely a purpose honourable of a win. She carried a uncover with her smashing profanation of a creepy, unequivocally creepy, frightful neighbor.  She had such operation and we could see all her talents via that good season.  You can review my take on deteriorate one here.

 Best Foreign Language Film: A Separation – Iran

I know zero about this film nonetheless we am unequivocally happy to see a film from Iran as a winner.  Iran is one of those countries we usually hear bad things about on a news and this is a good thing for once.  Not all is assault and anti-semetic domestic rhetoric.  Beauty in art can be found anywhere when a from mankind, no matter what country.

Best Actress in a TV Series – Drama: Claire Danes – Homeland

Clair Danes is so honourable of this award.  This was her jubilant lapse to TV.  He description of Carrie as a driven, clever womanlike lead was amazing.  She was means to understanding with a complexities of a character’s brokenness and truly done a show.  Homeland FTW again!

Best Performance by an Actor In A Television Series – Comedy Or Musical: Matt LeBlanc – Episodes

I was unequivocally pulling for Alec or David Duchovny in this category.  I unequivocally didn’t consider Alec would win with all that’s happened this year.  David’s “Hank Moody” is one of a coolest characters on TV.  I didn’t get a possibility to see Episodes nonetheless nonetheless I’m certain going to locate adult on it now.

Best Performance by an Actress In A Supporting Role in a Motion Picture: Octavia Spencer – The Help

Though we didn’t see “The Help” yet, I’m being told that she is unequivocally honourable of this award.  That’s all we have.

 Cecil B. DeMille Award: Morgan Freeman

Though this is not a foe for a night and a fact that he was already announced as a leader does not make this endowment any reduction important.  Sidney Poitier called him a “prince of a profession” and we have to agree.  Welcome to a chosen club, we truly merit it.  His film montage was amazing, such implausible films.

 Best Director – Motion Picture: Martin Scorcese – Hugo

Everything Martin touches is amazing.  I didn’t see a film nonetheless after examination an talk with him on The Daily Show we knew this film would be great.  He talked about how his twelve year aged daughter impacted his prophesy for this film and how ardent he was about a story itself.  It’s in my Netflix reserve already.

Best TV Series – Comedy or Musical: Modern Family

I am unequivocally happy with a Modern Family win.  It’s been a consistently good uncover via a run so far.  It’s generally tough to have such a vast garb expel nonetheless Levitan and Lloyd do it well.  I’m also usually blissful that Glee didn’t win.  Glee usually hasn’t been good this season.  I still have to watch Enlightened and Episodes, we gamble they’re good too.

And wow, what a humorous bilingual acceptance speech.

Best Actor – Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical: Jean Dujardin – The Artist

All we have to contend is that I’ll be adding this to my Netflix reserve immediately.

 Best Actress – Motion Picture, Drama: Meryl Streep – Iron Lady

Meryl is usually unbeatable.  I know I’m substantially factually wrong nonetheless we unequivocally can’t remember her being nominated for this difficulty and not winning.  I was unequivocally pulling for Rooney Mara as she did an extraordinary transformative pursuit on Lisbeth Salander in “The Girl with a Dragon Tatoo” nonetheless we theory we can’t always in.  I will palm it to Meryl though, she always gives such accommodating acceptance speeches.  Go her!

Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy: The Artist

I saw a trend building tonight with all a awards a film already received. Congrats to a group on a large win.  I’ll be examination we soon.

Best Actor – Motion Picture, Drama: George Clooney – The Descendants

The Descendants is also on my Netflix reserve nonetheless with all we know about George we am not astounded one bit.  What a humorous speech.

Best Motion Picture – Drama: The Descendants

And that’s a wrap.  Congrats to all a winners. I’m not so certain Ricky Gervais was such a good choice again.  He was improved than a final time nonetheless altogether it was not that funny.  I wish we enjoyed.  Perhaps there will be some-more to come in a destiny when we get to see some of a winners we haven’t held yet.  Good night.