6 Exciting New Movies Featured during Sundance 2012 @SundanceFest

The Sundance Film Festival starts Jan 19th in Park City, Utah.  For years, Sundance has been a premiere showcase of eccentric films.  The widely-renowned festival has been a rising pad for a lot of critically acclaimed and commercially successful films, including Little Miss Sunshine, Precious, and Napoleon Dynamite.  In further to handing out awards for a best films of a festival, it also provides a abounding venue for new cinema to be bought sold.

As one of a tip few Film Festivals in a world, Sundance is flooded with celebrities, producers, and media outlets.  Most of a films screened there, while still technically “independent” (not constructed by a vital studio),  underline sincerely vast budgets and large name talent.  This year’s choice is no exception, though does seem to underline some unique, quirky and artistic films.  There are dozens of rarely expected cinema participating in a Dramatic Feature Competition during a Festival this year, so we’ll have to only give we a peek of some that stranded out to me:

The Comedy – Starring Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim (of Tim Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!), this film sports an reasonably mocking pretension (supposedly it’s not unequivocally a comedy) as it focuses on Brooklyn Hipsters struggling with pacifying their relief and boredom.  The film is a dry informative critique of a subculture that comes from a viewpoint consumed with irony and sarcasm.  Essentially this film intends to clarify a hollow, pretentious, and feigned elements of a Hipster scene.

The Words – Speaking of A-List.  This one stars Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Irons, Olivia Wilde, Dennis Quaid, and Zoe Saldana.  It’s about a author who, lacking inspiration, passes someone else’s publishing off as his own.  He subsequently receives mounds of vicious acclaim, success, and dignified quagmires.  This form of story has been finished before, though a good ancillary expel and a tightly-woven book that brings together mixed narratives are removing people talking.

Middle of Nowhere – This is a story of detriment and separation, about a lady who’s father has been detained for a extensive sentence.  This one doesn’t exaggerate any A-List talent, and appears to have built a repute on qualification alone.  The filmmakers sought out a unique, irritable impression to execute a complicated romantic hardship that a categorical impression experiences.

Predisposed – Here’s a drama/comedy featuring Jesse Eisenberg, Melissa Leo and Tracy Morgan.  This tells a story of a piano expert who attempts to assistance his mom with her drug problem by checking her into rehab, though encounters some problem by her drug dealer, played by Tracy Morgan.  (Working title: Hard to Watch?)  With such an heterogeneous expel entrance underneath a instruction of a first-time executive (and a co-director famous some-more for his writing), this one could be really good, really forgettable, or anywhere in between.

John Dies during a End – Imagine a drug that allows a user to deposit opposite measure and by time.  It’s an engaging judgment and a film looks like it has a cold vibe.  The trailer gives a ambience of something dark, bizarre and funny.  I’m looking brazen to saying how good these elements are offset and what a film has to say.  It stars a integrate of uknown guys, with maestro Paul Giamatti ancillary them.

The Surrogate – Here’s a ideal instance of a film that seems to do all it can to constraint that quirky, indie-flick energy.  It takes a new angle on a inspirational story of producer and publisher Mark O’Brien, who was inept from a waist down when he got Polio in his childhood.  O’Brien was means to accomplish a good understanding in his life, though this film focuses on one sold thing: losing his virginity.  we consternation if saying him accomplish that will be as moving as it saying him grasp egghead leaps in a documentary about his life, Breathing Lessons.  John Hawkes, Helen Hunt, and William H. Macy star.

Are we going to Sundance?  Which cinema are on your must-see list?  What do we consider is a front-runner for a Audience Award? Incidentally, Sundance also gets a lot of good documentaries, that we’ll demeanour into separately.