Commercial Electrician & Electrical Contractor Services – South Florida

PerfectElectric Commercial Electrician  Electrical Contractor Services   South FloridaPerfect Electric Services provides commercial electrical contractor services that are dependable, honest, and thorough. Our technicians go to any and all lengths to meet and exceed your expectations. We always help you to fully understand the scope of work involved. Our upfront, fixed pricing and cost savings are fully disclosed to you before any work begins.

  • Florida Unlimited State License #EC1503 for over 25 years
  • Owner, Bob Frank is a lifetime resident of South Florida, Master Electrician, State licensed;
  • National Fire Protection Association Certified;
  • National Association Electrical Inspectors member;
  • All technicians are continually trained; 2011 NEC Qualified;
  • Fully insured;
  • Better Business Bureau A rated;
  • Angie’s List, A rated; Service Award Winner;

Perfect Electric Services :

  •     Panel Changes
  •     Service Upgrades
  •     Smoke/Carbon Detectors
  •     Fire Alarms
  •     Generator installations and service
  •     Kitchen Remodels
  •     Tankless Water Heaters
  •     Pool/Landscaping Lighting
  •     Surge Protection
  •     Code Violation Repairs
  •     FPL Meter Burnout Replacement
  •     Flickering Light Repairs
  •     Emergency Lighting
  •     and more! Call us for any custom work

Using Perfect Electric Services, Inc.’s South Florida licensed and insured electricians for all of your electrical needs, provides safety, security, and peace of mind from a job done RIGHT the FIRST time!

Committed to the best personal service in electric work for over 25 years

To get us started on your renovation, remodeling, or construction project, please fill out the form below and a Perfect Electric Services, Inc. representative will contact you as soon as possible. Perfect Electric Services, Inc. is locally owned and operated in Fort Lauderdale, and services Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties and the surrounding South Florida areas.

Contact Perfect Electric Services Today!  If this is an Electrical Emergency Please Call: 954-640-5292 – Call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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Miami Loan regulating a equity in your automobile or lorry yield fast cash!

EmbassyLoans 300 Miami Loan regulating a equity in your automobile or lorry yield quick cash!How mostly have we been during a bank, financial company, or some other normal lender in Miami and had to wait “forever ” for your loan concentration to be approved? How many times have we waited days and weeks, customarily to be suggested that  your concentration was declined? Traditional lenders have declined loan applications for a several reasons. Not all of them engage credit problems.

Securing for an auto equity loan, mostly called a automobile pretension loan is easy, quick, and con free. The concentration routine for a automobile equity  loan has turn really efficient. One fake sense about automobile pretension loans is that customarily people with bad or no credit request for them. There are many repeat pretension loan borrowers who have good credit. They simply do not wish to continue a concentration routine with normal lenders. They also wish their income quick and easy.

So how quick is a pretension loan concentration process? It is so quick that we can customarily have a money we need within one hour. How do we do it? A car equity loan with a transparent and giveaway pretension does not count on your credit story or your background. Traditional lenders will concentration on that.  Auto equity loan providers such as Embassy Loans in Miami do not care.

Embassy Loans – Loans Made Easy
For Fast Service Call (866) 277-5798
or revisit us online during – for Miami Car Title Loans in Florida

Paver Sealing Services in South Florida

NationalSealing Paver Sealing Paver Sealing Services in South Florida

We are the largest paver sealing association in a US with over 2 million block feet of hermetic surfaces.

We specialize in a blurb marketplace where conveying a good confirmed picture is critical in areas with high traffic.

We have had good success with condominiums, hotels, airports, stadiums, bureau buildings, and municipalities, in preserving a investments a owners have done in those facilities.

Based out of Fort Lauderdale, we have lerned applicators that muster to any plcae opposite a nation and international.

Our paver COATING product utilizes record creatively grown by NASA. IT IS NOT a required paver SEALER that is poured out of a enclosure and applied. As we might know, a drawbacks to paver sealers and impregnators are that they heal next a surface. Although a paver is sealed, a aspect shows wear and stains in as small as 30 days.

Traditional ‘sealers’ have to be re-applied approximately each year due to relapse from UV rays. Plus normal sealers will still concede oils to mark a surface. With a paver cloaking product, it’s practical once and is henceforth COATED!

Our paver cloaking product is constructed by regulating 3 apart components combined, and by a catalytic process, creates a element that has a chemically inflexible makeup!

The paver cloaking holds to a substrate by both automatic and chemical process. The chemical routine involves pity an nucleus with a substrate molecules, apropos one with a substrate element combining a chemically altered substrate.

This fake paver cloaking product will not support a expansion of mold or mildew, creation it ideal for porous materials in a South. The paver cloaking resists feverishness transmission, and resists chemicals with pH operation of 2-11. The paver cloaking will not peel, moment or splinter – it is chemically connected to a surface.

The aspect is easy to purify with only amiable soap and water.

National Sealing Co.
2269 S University Dr, Fort Lauderdale FL 33324
Phone: 954-577-8837

Going Green Has Never Been Easier With Solar Hot Water!

Browardsolar2 Going Green Has Never Been Easier With Solar Hot Water!

Solar appetite is free, and a reserve are unlimited. Using solar appetite produces no atmosphere or H2O pollution. Households with an electric H2O heater devour about 6,400 KW per year for H2O heating. If we assume that a electricity is generated by a standard appetite plant with an potency of 30%, afterwards a H2O heater generates about 8 tons of CO2.

The startling outcome is that a CO2 constructed by a H2O heater is roughly double that constructed by a complicated automobile. * On average, a solar H2O heater in Florida can furnish 90 – 95% of your prohibited H2O needs, shortening your CO footprint over 10,000 pounds annually.  That is some-more than a normal car, and it saves a homogeneous of 11.4 barrels of oil.


  •     Reduces Dependence On Fossil Fuel and Foreign Oil
  •     Reduces Co2 And Sulfur Dioxide Emissions
  •     Qualifies For Up To $2000 In Federal Tax Credits
  •     Qualifies For $500 Florida rebate
  •     Qualifies For Many Utility Company Rebates
  •     Exempt From Florida State Sales Tax
  •     Protects From Future Rate Increases
  •     Increases Property Value
  •     Provides Hot Water During Power Outages
  •     Tax-Free Savings

*Mechanical Engineering Department, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Resources: Aquatherm Solar Supply

Our Services Include:

  • Solar Pool Heating: Get a many out of your pool investment with giveaway solar energy.  Enjoy your pool 10-11 months a year!
  • Solar Hot Water Heating: Solar prohibited H2O systems can yield we with adult to 95% of your prohibited H2O needs.  With a 30% Federal taxation credit and $500 state rebate, this is a equivocal “no brainer”.  Reduce a dependance on unfamiliar oil.
  • Energy Efficient Heat Pump Pool Heaters: Not one form of pool heater is right for each situation.  Heat pumps will feverishness your pool for reduction than half a cost of propane gas.  Reduce your co2 emissions.

Broward Solar Inc. – Your choice for South Florida Solar Water Heating Services
124 SE Wells Drive Stuart, Florida 34996
Broward – (954) 492-9939 – Martin/St. Lucie – (772) 223-9259
Palm Beach (561) 347-0179 – Toll Free: (800) 757-8414

Wood Flooring from Daniel Flooring, Ft Lauderdale, FL

DanielFlooring 600 Wood Flooring from Daniel Flooring, Ft Lauderdale, FL


Daniel Flooring offers Wood Flooring Services to a South Florida areas of Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

Installation of Wood Flooring brings and sparkling and outlandish demeanour to your home or workplace. Bring a hold of a universe into your home with abounding accumulation of timber grains, hues and patterns to move an superb feel to any room.

When selecting Daniel Flooring for Wood Flooring Installation, we will find a crowd of possibilities with a in-stock preference of Bamboo Flooring, Oak Flooring, and More!

Choosing Wood Flooring adds a beautiful proceed to a character of your home or workplace as good as value. Woods and Hardwood Flooring move a assured purify feel to a space we choose. Your timber choice offers a abounding accumulation of characteristics and can move thespian results, such as an sparkling country look, or a neat hold of contemporary design.

Wood Flooring is accessible in a accumulation of healthy grains and finishes offering in a accumulation of nominal shades, that include:

Benefits of Wood Flooring

Wood Flooring means Luxury! Woods benefaction superb lines and thespian atmosphere to your room or work space.

  • Wood Flooring usually requires is a unchanging brush or vacuuming to keep it looking beautiful!
  • Daniel Flooring offers an endless preference of quality Wood Flooring from Modern to Rustic designs.
  • Elegant Design and Feel
  • Durable and Long-Lasting
  • Unique Variations from Bamboo to Brazilian Cherry
  • Versatile Designs to Match Your Styling Passions
  • Contains Underlay for Additional Comfort and Stability
  • Mildew and Moisture Inhibitor

Contact Daniel Flooring to be your personal Interior Flooring Contractor!

Daniel Flooring
73 SW 12th Ave, Unit 112, Davie, Florida 33004
Phone: 954-583-2233

Opening Hours
Mon – Fri: 8.30am – 5.30pm
Sat: 9.00am – 4.00pm

or by appointment – greatfully give us a call

Residential Insurance Claims – Advocate Claims Florida Public Adjusters

AdvocateClaims Residential Insurance Claims   Advocate Claims Florida Public Adjusters Property repairs from vital disasters or domicile appliances can means critical indemnification to homes, condominium units, and let properties.

Our veteran imagination as a former word association explain insider and many years of word explain knowledge will promote a communications with a word association about your claim. On a policyholder’s behalf, we pronounce a word company’s language. Our specialty is bargain a impact of a excellent imitation of a word process and saying by a mist. You, a policyholder, are positive that your interests are protected.

The word association employs a possess adjusters to strengthen their interest. Allow us to strengthen your interests. This will commission you! We are a disdainful deputy for a policyholder. It is a business to work toward a some-more auspicious allotment on your behalf.

Florida Public Adjuster Services Provided:

  •     Review a word policy
  •     Provide recommendation about your entitlements for your claim
  •     Fully request a word claim
  •     Provide a word association with a minute building correct estimate
  •     Prepare a minute earthy register and estimation of all shop-worn personal property
  •     Photograph and/or Video your damages
  •     Provide experts, if needed, to support a explain (outside vendors, such as attorneys, debate engineers, contractors, roofers, plumbers, puncture dry out experts to support you)
  •     Present a entirely documented explain to your word association on your behalf
  •     Negotiate a best probable insurance  explain settlement
  •     Keep we familiar of ongoing allotment effort

If you’ve had fire, H2O leaks, flood, mold, wind, hurricane, tornado, hail, collapse, automobile attack a building, vandalism, theft, penetrate hole, skill repairs to your home, condominium, or let property, Call Now! 888-443-4403


Advocate Claims Public Adjusters provides word explain assistance to Florida home and blurb skill owners to safeguard we accept a satisfactory allotment for your skill word claim.

Advocate Claims – Public Adjuster
Empowering The Policy Holder
Toll Free: 888-443-4403
Broward: 954-978-0886
Palm Beach: 561-962-0065
Miami-Dade: 305-744-5096

WOD LIFE – CrossFit Apparel

wod WODLIFE   CrossFit ApparelWOD LIFE is a new CrossFit attire company that caters to those that are detached of a extraordinary universe of CrossFit. The acronym W.O.D stands for Workout of a Day. WOD LIFE was a a approach of display that “It’s some-more than a workout. It’s a approach of life.” Once your turn detached of a CrossFit community, we fast comprehend it truly is some-more afterwards a examination and does turn a approach of life. Therefore, we felt a name spoke for itself. Our association was debuted in Jun of 2012.  We suffer examination and being detached of internal competitions such as Clash of a Fittest, Partner Pandemonium and WOD-4-Life.

Logan Herl, Steven Bauer, my wife, Clara Balboa and myself, Gerry, teamed adult to make a dream come true. As zealous crossfitters, we knew what forms of materials feel a best and what a associate crossfitters would want. Needless to contend comfort and continuance is key!

Our idea is to continue to grow as a association and make a certain impact on a CrossFit community by stability to supply attire and accessories of good quality, sincerely labelled and designed to final by all severe workouts.

Our register includes men’s and women’s clothing:

Womens T WODLIFE   CrossFit Apparel

 Women’s Crossfit Shirts

Mens T WODLIFE   CrossFit Apparel

Men’s Crossfit Shirts

shorts WODLIFE   CrossFit Apparel

Men’s Crossfit Shorts

It is really easy to get your hands on WODLIFE goods. Simply go to to place your order. We can boat anywhere! It’s that easy.

WOD Life – “It’s More than a Workout – It’s A Lifestyle”
Call 754-444-WOD1 or e-mail us at:

Cool Roof Coatings & Reflective Roof Paints by Acry-Tech

acrytech com Cool Roof Coatings  Reflective Roof Paints by Acry Tech


Acry-Tech Heat Reduction Paints and Coatings simulate and forestall feverishness buildup on roofs, saving energy.

People who live in pleasant climates customarily wear light-colored or white wardrobe to assistance keep themselves cool. They know that light colors simulate feverishness and sunlight; since dim colors catch feverishness and light. Buildings are identical to people. If we have a dark-colored roof, your building will be hotter than if it had a light-colored roof.

Cool Roofs are roofs consisting of materials that really effectively simulate a sun’s appetite from a roof surface. Cool materials for low-slope roofs are especially splendid white in color, nonetheless non-white colors are starting to turn accessible for sloped roof applications. Cool Roofs contingency also have high emissivity, permitting them to evacuate infrared energy. Unfortunately unclothed metals and lead coatings tend to have low emissivity and are not deliberate cold materials.

Cool roofs revoke a roof aspect feverishness by adult to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, thereby shortening a feverishness eliminated into a building below. This helps to revoke appetite costs (by gripping attics and ducts cooler), urge passenger comfort, cut upkeep costs and atmosphere conditioning deputy costs, boost a life cycle of a roof, and revoke civic feverishness islands along with compared smog

Cool Top Roof Paint
Acry Tech Cool Top Cool Roof Coatings  Reflective Roof Paints by Acry Tech
Cool Top is a splendid white cloaking for Metal Roofs, Smooth Asphalt, Shingle Roofs or Granulated Asphalt roofs. It dramatically lowers roof aspect temperatures ensuing in reduce AC costs while it prevents a normal high temperatures that bake out essential oils or means impassioned contraction and expansion, that formula in beforehand roof failure. Prolong your pavement roof lifespan by restraint UV and slicing feverishness with Cool Top contemplative white roof coating. Prolong your steel roof life by expelling extreme transformation and thermal shock.


CeramaX Roof Elastomeric Coating
Acry Tech Ceramax Cool Roof Coatings  Reflective Roof Paints by Acry TechCeramaXTM is a reflective, insulating ceramic fortified waterproof roof cloaking for veteran application. It cuts feverishness fullness and dramatically lowers atmosphere conditioning bills while preventing H2O intrusion. Two decades of Space Shuttle record grown by NASA creates this product a ultimate cloaking for protecting, waterproofing and shortening feverishness load. AC assets can mostly compensate for a focus of CeramaX in usually a brief time


For some-more information or to sequence online visit:
Or Call Toll Free: (800) 771-6001
7:30am to 3:30pm Mon-Thu

Acry-Tech Coatings
Manufactures a far-reaching operation of singular reserve and protecting coatings
3601 NE 5th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334