You’re Welcome Facebook

Changes are entrance to Facebook (again). First it’s going to be timeline (which is indeed flattering cool). Next we might start saying sponsored stories in a news feeds. Don’t get me wrong, change is good. Companies need to develop in sequence to sojourn applicable and this is even some-more critical for amicable media companies such as Facebook.

You might have beheld when we logged in a past integrate days that there is a couple to a note explaining how Facebook creates money. There’s a video on there for we to watch.  Even but clicking on a couple we substantially already knew that a reason was you, one of it’s hundreds of millions of users. So Facebook we give we a good large your acquire on interest of everyone. Our continuous click throughs and hours we spend on a site daily make we all your money.  Now you’re means to sinecure engineers / developers and make these changes.  I’m indeed blissful you’re so outspoken about this since this is a reason we can keep a world’s many renouned network giveaway for all it’s users and now those users (who didn’t already) will understand.

I’ll even contend appreciate we for putting a amicable practice online. You concede us to say relations that we would never have been means to do in a past. We correlate on a turn we’ve never finished before. So keep doing what you’re doing and do it great. Remember that your users are a ones that make we money. Keep that in mind as we hurl out new changes to make Facebook a best that it can be.