You Have a Facebook Friend Request From …

The people subsequent to we on your subsequent craft flight.  Imagine that?  You’re no longer going to be means to go incognito on that one hour jumper plane, or that 13 hour general flight.  Well according to a integrate articles we review KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is going to make that possible.  They’re building what they call a amicable seating tool, called “meet seat”, that is set to entrance subsequent year (no specific date).  It is slated to work with Facebook and Linkedin, though not Twitter and it will be opt-in only.

This is a unequivocally engaging concept.  The amicable space really has been and will continue to be a call of a destiny and holding it to atmosphere transport space seems logical.

I’ve been a flattering visit traveler this year with lots of cranky nation 5 hour trips.  I’m not certain how we feel about this yet.  On one palm it’d be good to know who’s sitting subsequent to you.  It could start a conversation, would really assistance with personal / veteran networking and it could even start regretful relationships.  On a other palm we might not wish to discuss adult a chairman subsequent to me and we might not wish them to know who we am.  Sometimes we only wish to sleep.  I’m certain it’ll be a while before lots of airlines locate on with this judgment so I’m certain we won’t have to worry about this.

What do we think?  Want to be friends with your chair neighbors before removing on a flight?

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Source: TechCrunch
Source: Engadget