Teleworker Schedule Doc Keeps Remote Teams in Touch with Office


It’s Monday. Do we know where your teleworkers are?

One workman could be during her home bureau table from 7:30 a.m. until 4 p.m., holding lunch from noon until 1 p.m. Another could be a highway soldier operative from a road, a customer plcae or a corporate bureau during set times via a day or week.

Finding them shouldn’t be too difficult. Their phone numbers and email addresses are one Word doc away. At a U.S. Department of Energy, it’s all posted on a Natural Gas Regulatory Team Flexiplace Schedule.

The brochure-like document, creatively combined and reported on in my NetworkWorld HomeBase mainstay in 2001, helps co-workers, managers and others within a Department of Energy to keep lane of teleworkers. As some-more companies try a possibilities of telework, gripping lane of who teleworks when – and how to strech them when they’re out of a bureau while still respecting their home-office work hours – becomes essential to a successful telework program.

More than vouchsafing co-workers know where she is, a request helps a group make certain no gaps are combined by mixed workers teleworking on a same day. As partial of a creation, a “Buddy System” was instituted. By joining 3 co-workers, dual cover a third when one is teleworking or is differently out of a office.

It also includes such policies as teleworker responsibilities for gripping a doc updated with stream home bureau hit information and report information, changing voice mail greetings to yield home bureau hit information on work-at-home days, and submitting weekly reports on work completed.

Next up: How to emanate a flexi-work doc.

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