Sen. Bernie Sanders: America Must Not Back Down on Sustainable Energy

If we review usually a headlines these days, we competence consider renewable appetite in America is going a approach of Solyndra. Don’t take a word for it: a new title from Fox News declared “ENTIRE Solar Industry on Brink of Collapse.”

We can't concede long-time opponents of renewable appetite to concentration a contention usually on Solyndra (whose aloft labelled panels could not contest as solar costs came down) when we should be meditative about competing with China to win a subsequent appetite revolution. Why? Because a competition is on to put a right policies in place so hundreds of thousands of new, good-paying renewable appetite jobs will be combined here, and not in China. With Bloomberg New Energy Finance reporting that for a initial time ever, tellurian investments in renewable electricity have exceeded investments in hoary fuel appetite plants, a doubt is not either renewable appetite is formulating jobs; it is that republic is going to lead a purify appetite jobs revolution. We wish it to be America.

The law is we can win this race. The American solar appetite attention is thriving, as is a renewable appetite attention some-more broadly. Just demeanour during a facts: we have doubled a series of solar jobs in America given 2009, and currently some-more than 100,000 Americans work in a solar industry, during some-more than 5,000 companies in each singular state. These embody manufacturing, installation, and supply sequence jobs.

Last year, we commissioned scarcely 1,000 megawatts of solar appetite in a United States, some-more than double a volume commissioned in 2009. With a solar attention flourishing during a rate of 69 percent annually, it is one of America’s fastest flourishing industries and is formulating jobs all opposite a country. The cost of solar panels has depressed 30 percent over usually a final dual years, stability a long-term decrease in a cost of solar.

As solar becomes some-more cost-competitive with required hoary fuels, everybody from Walmart to a United States Marine Corps is looking to solar. Walmart is installing solar panels during 130 stores in California and says “Walmart has reduced appetite losses by some-more than a million dollars by a solar program.” The troops is regulating solar appetite with battery storage to entirely appetite brazen handling bases in Afghanistan, and Marine Colonel Bob Charette says for a Marines renewable appetite is “about saving lives” by shortening a series of dangerous fuel convoys indispensable for resupply.

The breeze attention is also flourishing rapidly. Texas alone has some-more than 10,000 megawatts of breeze appetite installed, that is homogeneous in ability to 10 chief reactors. Iowa now gets 20 percent of a electricity from wind. There are 75,000 breeze appetite jobs in America today, and some-more than 400 production comforts in 43 states. The cost of breeze appetite has forsaken by 90 percent given 1980, and breeze electricity currently is rival with hoary fuels during 5 to 6 cents per kilowatt hour. At a same time, we are augmenting American production of breeze turbines, and now 60 percent of turbine components commissioned in a United States are done in America, adult from 25 percent in 2005.

In these tough mercantile times, a story of renewable appetite in a United States is indeed a singular good news story. Renewable appetite is assisting to emanate hundreds of thousands of jobs, is creation a republic some-more appetite independent, and is slicing wickedness and hothouse gas emissions.

As with each appetite record in a past, sovereign policies play an vicious purpose in ancillary renewable appetite in America. Key among those policies is a sustenance famous as a Treasury Grant Program (or 1603) that turns an existent breeze and solar taxation credit into a grant. This provides improved financing options for American renewable appetite developers and has helped to attract scarcely $23 billion in private zone investments in renewable energy, ancillary 22,000 projects. Unfortunately this module is set to finish during a finish of this year, unless Congress acts to extend it. What is during interest in this fight? If this module expires, one investigate shows that financing for renewable appetite projects would be cut in half, usually during a time when renewable appetite is experiencing bomb growth.

Although Solyndra is a vital title right now, a genuine plea is that Congress is debating either we can even extend a Treasury Grant Program and other vicious renewable appetite incentives for another year.

Meanwhile, China outpaces a United States by a 2-to-1 domain in purify appetite investments according to Energy Secretary Steven Chu. America needs to out-compete China on solar and wind, not obey to China. At a time of whinging unemployment, with a center category squeezed, and hothouse gas emissions rising, it is needed that a republic take a lead in formulating purify appetite jobs right here in America.

It is time to put in place stable, long-term policies to support these vicious industries. Rather than quarrel to spin one appetite company’s passing into narrow-minded points, it is time to indicate a approach towards a appetite destiny — so that all Americans win.



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