Robert Redford: Congress and Keystone XL: A National Disgrace

The Congress is finale a year many as it began — personification politics with a nation’s destiny and putting American families during risk to measure narrow-minded points.

In a shutting act to a ashamed year of stoppage and hesitancy on a issues that matter most, House Republicans hold common-sense taxation service for American families warrant to a holiday present to Big Oil.

After a GOP-led House welded a Keystone XL connect sands tube supplement onto a tax-relief bill, a Democratic-led Senate went along for a ride, flitting a bad square of legislation rather than being indicted of restraint a indispensable taxation cut.

When a United State Congress intentionally ties these dual things together, though, it’s not a joke: it’s a inhabitant disgrace.

Let’s be transparent about a purpose of this move. It’s a exposed domestic attempt designed to harm a boss in an choosing year. Excuse a sarcasm, yet we can see a tie here: taxation service value about $1,000 a year for a standard operative family, and a misled devise to crow a fortunes of an attention that has already hauled in increase commanding $100 billion this year.

With indispensable taxation service for operative families set to finish during year’s end, Congress should be promulgation President Obama a purify check that asks a elementary question: should we extend center category taxation service and stagnation advantages during a time when a workers are struggling with tough times? For anyone who cares about integrity and families, that’s an easy one.

Instead, House Republicans tacked onto that check a quarrelsome and separate question: should we concede Big Oil to build a Keystone XL pipeline, to take a dirtiest oil on a world from a connect sands of Canada, by a heartland of America, to refineries and ports on a Gulf of Mexico?

Tar sands wanton is not usually a dirtiest oil on a planet, yet it is constructed by some of a many mortal industrial processes ever devised.

In requiring a administration to make adult a mind within 60 days, this check ensures that a State Department will not have been means to settle that a tube is in a inhabitant interest. It would need a preference that pre-approves a reserve of an unknown, poser route, by Nebraska meant to equivocate a changed Ogallala Acquifer. There will be no choice yet to repudiate a tube permit.

Further, Keystone XL would cranky some-more than 1,500 waterways, melancholy them with a kind of collision that dumped 42,000 gallons of oil in a Yellowstone River final summer and put 20 times that many connect sands in Michigan’s Kalamazoo River in 2010, in a brief that hasn’t been spotless adult yet.

For Congressional Republicans, though, that doesn’t unequivocally matter.

What they caring about is perplexing to somehow confuse a president, to force his palm with an capricious deadline and means a rush to visualisation on a matter of critical inhabitant concern.

The misinformation rising from GOP Congressional caring on a Keystone XL connect sands tube is stunning. Just this morning on NBC’s Meet a Press, Speaker Boehner lied regularly about each aspect of this project. And it sat there, as truth.

Never mind that a infancy of a contracts for a processed oil are already cut and many of it will expected be exported to unfamiliar countries. Speaker Boehner sat there and pronounced it’s a matter of inhabitant security. It’s not. It’s a matter of a large payday for his friends in a oil and gas industry.

Never mind that each eccentric investigate on how many American jobs will indeed be combined says, during most, 6,500 proxy construction jobs, really few of that would be internal hires, according to a State Department. And never mind that Cornell University concludes it would kill some-more than it would create, by shortening investment in a purify appetite economy. Speaker Boehner can cocktail off with some-more misinformation observant hundreds of thousands of jobs will be created. And it sits there, as truth.

Here’s a elementary truth, they’re all peaceful to put a people and resources during flourishing risk to assistance boost oil association profits.

For a millions of Americans who caring about purify atmosphere and H2O for their families, inhabitant confidence and a re-energized economy, all GOP Congressional caring can come behind with is a personal slap down. That somehow Americans who feel open health and reserve are priority concerns, are crazy and irrational.

Newt Gingrich, a Republican’s heading claimant for President of a United States portrayed these American citizens, vital in a democracy as “… severe environmental extremists in San Francisco.” Senate Republican personality Mitch McConnell called for a boss to not “… let a few radical environmentalists mount in a way… ” All of this feels some-more like center propagandize than domestic leadership.

The American people are a lot smarter than these supposed leaders give them credit for. They can tell when they’re being played. They know that this is a Congress that’s some-more endangered with scoring domestic points than it is with doing a country’s business.