PHOTOS: The Attacks On Pearl Harbor, 70 Years Ago Today

70 years ago today, a United States naval bottom during Pearl Harbor, Hawaii was pounded by a Imperial Japanese Navy. The aerial attacks were carried out by 353 Japanese fighters, and killed 2,402 Americans. Described as “a day that will live in infamy” by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Dec. 7 noted a opening of a United States into World War II and one of a darkest days in American history.

In an central statement, President Barack Obama respected a memory of those who served on that day. “We salute a veterans and survivors of Pearl Harbor who enthuse us still,” he said. “Despite strenuous odds, they fought behind heroically, moving a republic and putting us on a trail to victory.”

Below are ancestral photos of a attacks on Pearl Harbor, as good as depictions of how Americans have memorialized a day in new years.