Packing the Home Office and Traveling Light – For Business and Pleasure

Followers of this site know I’m on an occasional road warrior and home office vagabond on a constant quest to travel smarter, lighter and more efficiently. How little can I carry in my laptop bag – and still be as productive on the road as I am in my home office? Can I avoid checking bags altogether? Will a smartphone do instead of my laptop or tablet? Fellow traveler and blogger Bruce Turkel recently wrote a great column on the things he uses to help reduce his load while on the road.

Do you carry sample size toiletries? Can you use your smartphone camera and snap-on telephoto lens instead of lugging a traditional SLR? How small can you go?

Bruce wrote, “Those of you who know me or have been reading this blog for a while know that I am obsessed with traveling light. In my mind, there are only two types of luggage: carry-on and lost. I prefer the first kind.

“I’m very careful with what I carry and how I carry it. I prowl camping stores for folding toothbrushes and smaller and smaller bags. I constantly try to pare down the electronics I need for presentations and entertainment. I look for new ways to mix and match what I wear for meetings and sightseeing. And I experiment with new folding and packing techniques to take up as little space as possible.”

Read the rest of his blog here – and be sure to read the comments. Great tips from his loyal readers. And always strive to lighten your own load on the road.

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