Packing a Home Office and Traveling Light – For Business and Pleasure

Followers of this site know I’m on an occasional highway soldier and home bureau vagabond on a consistent query to transport smarter, lighter and some-more efficiently. How tiny can we lift in my laptop bag – and still be as prolific on a highway as we am in my home office? Can we equivocate checking bags altogether? Will a smartphone do instead of my laptop or tablet? Fellow traveler and blogger Bruce Turkel recently wrote a good mainstay on a things he uses to assistance revoke his bucket while on a road.

Do we lift representation distance toiletries? Can we use your smartphone camera and snap-on telephoto lens instead of lugging a normal SLR? How tiny can we go?

Bruce wrote, “Those of we who know me or have been reading this blog for a while know that we am spooky with roving light. In my mind, there are usually dual forms of luggage: carry-on and lost. we cite a initial kind.

“I’m really clever with what we lift and how we lift it. we stalk camping stores for folding toothbrushes and smaller and smaller bags. we constantly try to prune down a wiring we need for presentations and entertainment. we demeanour for new ways to brew and compare what we wear for meetings and sightseeing. And we examination with new folding and make-up techniques to take adult as tiny space as possible.”

Read a rest of his blog here – and be certain to review a comments. Great tips from his constant readers. And always essay to abate your possess bucket on a road.

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