Musing Review: Whitney – Clarence! (S1, Ep8)

Another funny episode of Whitney this past week.  There were two plot lines in this episode, one of them being major and the other being pretty minor.  Again this episode proved how funny Alex (Chri D’Elia) is.  He truly stole the entire episode.

When Alex received a box in the mail he opens it up to find his childhood dog’s ashes and is understandably upset.  As comfort Whitney offers up the idea of them getting a dog together.  Yes, the Whitney who has a fear of commitment wants to get a dog with the boyfriend she’s not ready to marry.  Well I’m glad she did because otherwise the episode would have been boring.  They decide to rescue a dog (nice touch) and there’s a really great scene with Alex playing with the dogs.  He just really pulled off that situational humor.  Meanwhile Whitney is filling out forms and there’s no option for their relationship status.  There is only married or single.  She’s upset and confronts the receptionist, who happens to also be the owner of the shelter, and afterwards she has to have a home visit before being able to adopt.

Whitney tries to make the visit work out well but of course it doesn’t and they get rejected.  Alex is so excited to have another dog again that Whitney decides to go back and confront the owner again.  After she makes a lot of promises Whitney returns home with a disabled dog with needs, Clarence (also the episode title).  It was nice to see Whitney care about the dog so much and it was hilarious to see them play with the dog.  The two of them had a really sweet bonding moment with the dog.  Sadly at the end Clarence died.  Though that turned out to be a nice way to make the dog a self contained, one episode character.

The other plot line had to deal with an awkward encounter between Roxanne and Neal.  Lily had the great idea that Neal should do Roxanne’s finances so they could be friends without Lily.  When they ended their first session the two of them accidentally kissed and walked away without talking about it.  On their next encounter the tension was unbearable and when they tried to end it with a hug Roxanne accidentally groped Neal’s crotch.  To make matters even worse on their next encounter Neal walked in on her in the bathroom with her top off.  The entire awkwardness was no big deal and just meant as comedic relief.  I don’t think we’ll see anything more come out of it.

I’ve never seen a doggie wake before and I never quite imagined one would ever be funny although I was wrong.  The episode ended in a scene with Whitney playing with the two urns and she pours one set of ashes into another.  Yeah, something about that just seems wrong.  ”They’re having a play date.”

Another funny episode.  My jury is still out on the owner of the shelter.  I’m not sure if her casting and acting was brilliant or just too over the top.  Watch Whitney Thursday on NBC.  Catch up on or Hulu