Guest Wisdom: Jun Walker’s Year-End Home Office Tax Planning

Whether we run a home-based tiny business or a Fortune 500 corporation, year-end is taxation time. Jun Walker, a taxation pro to a eccentric professional, has some good taxation tips — regardless of what side of year-end we might find yourself. She calls it a Dec 31 Rule — and it’s a source of some often-missed deductions. They’re excerpted next from her Five Easy Steps booklet.

As Jun writes, “The following mention from my publication, Five Easy Steps, might assistance we with some final notation taxation deductions….

For Credit Cards: Every object charged to your bank credit label on or before Dec 31 is an responsibility for that year, even if a credit label check isn’t paid until a following year. The difference to that order – yes, here’s another difference — is for store credit cards. An object purchased regulating a store credit label can't be deducted as a business responsibility if it has not been paid for by year-end.

Here’s why:

If we squeeze a mechanism from OfficeArsenal on Dec 31, 2011 and assign it to your BigBank VISA, BigBank pays OfficeArsenal. You do not owe OfficeArsenal for a computer, we owe BigBank. You’ve paid for your mechanism with a bank’s money; it’s a bank we haven’t paid. Same as if you’d borrowed a income from Momma and devise to compensate her behind as shortly as your customer pays you.

However, if we charged that mechanism to your OfficeArsenal credit label we could concede usually a volume of income that we had indeed paid OfficeArsenal. You did not nonetheless compensate for your mechanism since OfficeArsenal had not nonetheless perceived a money. If we unsuccessful to compensate a change due afterwards OfficeArsenal could repossess your computer.

For Checks: An check or check that we paid by check antiquated Dec 31,2011 or earlier, regardless of when it clears your account, is deliberate paid in 2011. If it’s a business responsibility it should be deducted on your 2011 taxation lapse and put divided with your 2011 records.

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