Gifts are not just for the Holidays

by Michael Leob

GiftsDuring the holidays we are generous people. We show our love and appreciation to those that we care about by giving gifts.

Unfortunately, it starts and ends with the holiday season. Gift giving should be a year-round endeavor. I’m not talking about birthdays or special occasions. In this digital age we are losing that personal touch. Gift giving has become depersonalized. We do what we have to do.

Let’s thank someone, not by text, but by sending a gift of appreciation. How about “thinking of you,” “miss you,” “hang in there” or “good luck.” What a novel idea! Gifts do not have to be expensive but they should be personal.

Don’t give someone who loves tea a pound of coffee or a wine enthusiast beer or vice versa. So let’s spread the cheer all year round. Who knows, it might become contagious. The world could certainly use it.

Michael Leob was an executive in the luxury goods industry for over 30 years. He is presently a consultant in the retail industry.



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