For a Fans and Those Who Want to Learn: Doctor Who Timeline

In jubilee of a arriving Doctor Who Christmas Special arriving this weekend we wanted to share this extensive Doctor Who timeline we found online during ForeverGeek.  It is truly comprehensive.  It covers all a required details: The year and season, a Doctor, a Adventure, a Companions and a Major Foes.  It goes behind roughly 50 years, right behind to a commencement with a initial Doctor in 1963.  It also happens to be an cultured square of art.  See it after a break.

It’s good for Doctor who fans to remember all a things they’ve seen or for a newbies who wish to find out what they’ve missed. we tumble closer to a difficulty of newbie.  I became a fan when a uncover came behind in 2005 with Christopher Eccleston as a Doctor.  My fandom grew with David Tennant and finally Matt Smith as a stream Doctor.  I was even Matt’s Doctor for a final halloween.  Without him we wouldn’t have schooled how to tie a crawl tie.  Yes, they are cool.  Anyways, a striking is below, check it out.

Also watch a Christmas special, “The Doctor, a Widow and a Wardrobe,” on BBC America on Christmas day during 9:00PM.  You can also locate adult on lots of Doctor Who on Netflix.  Use this timeline as a anxiety while watching.  Enjoy!