Five Steps to Creating a Flexible Work / Telework Schedule

If your association has employees or teams operative from a road, a home bureau or teleworking, how can managers and coworkers safeguard they can be reached? Create a scheduling request to lane teleworkers’ days out of a bureau and their particular hit information. The representation discipline below, as creatively reported in my NetworkWorld Home Base mainstay in 2001, are from a U.S. Department of Energy Flexiplace schedule.

– Make formulation a organisation effort. Include all group members, and build accord about group rules. Hands-on appearance builds acceptance.

– Include association manners or guidelines. Company telework process contingency be summarized so workers know what’s approaching of them. As for pointed changes to fit a team’s needs, see No. 1 above.


– Make a deadline. By tying a time it takes to emanate a document, it will come to execution some-more quickly.

– Keep it simple. The DOE Flexiplace report comprises both sides of an 8 ½-by-11 paper. It’s folded down to fit in a No. 10 envelope. It was combined by a group member, instead of being outsourced to a striking artist. It includes any teleworker’s dialect bureau and home bureau hit information, Buddy List, and departmental information like a categorical series and Web site.

– Update it as needed. As manners or policies change, new members join a team, or hit information changes, refurbish a document. It should be elementary adequate to outlay on an bureau printer.

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