Doctor Who Themed Geeky Holiday Present

doctor who - where is the doctorPut this on my wish list, or at I’l at least attempt to get this for a niece or nephew of mine. I found, via Forever Geek, this Doctor Who themed Where’s Waldo spinoff book called “Where’s the Doctor?”  Apparently it’s a compilation of 20+ images that artist Jamie Smart had drawn for a UK magazine called “Doctor Who Monster Invasion.”  Now Penguin Books is publishing it and purporting it as a cool holiday present.  I’m going to have to agree.

I love Doctor Who.  I’m certainly not old enough to have seen the 60′s classics live but I have been watching since 2005 when Christopher Eccleston was the first “new Doctor.” I’ve been hooked ever since and I’m all caught up through this recent Matt Smith season.  Yeah, you’ve probably figured out I’m partial to science fiction shows by now.  There’s just something about this British show that I really love.  Maybe it’s the writing, maybe it’s the vivid world created over so many years, maybe it’s just the accents.  It’s a nice change from American Sci-fi.

So back to the the book.  It’s themed on the current Doctor Who series and every picture has at least the Doctor (Matt Smith), Amy, Rory and nods back to other who characters.  You can see some images on the Forever Geek link above.

It’s available on Amazon UK for £5.39 (~$8.41 by the current exchange rate) but I don’t know how that works with international shipping.  I decided to check out (US) and it’s not available for direct shipping but has listed other retailers.  The prices they quote are ridiculous though, $103.  That’s as far as I’ve gotten though.  There may be other US deals.  I’ll keep looking.

So enjoy this potential holiday present option.  Can you find the Doctor?  Happy Holidays!