Adios, GPS: Smartphones Play Taps for Stand-Alone GPS, Camera and Video Devices


Before we left on Home Office Highway, a 4,100-mile debate of a American West, my mother visited AAA (American Automobile Association) for a Trip-Tik. we collected adult a GPS and charging cables. Meanwhile, a son slipped into his slot his iPhone with Google Maps. Guess that former reliable collection of a highway soldier were a finish rubbish of time and effort?

This is a story about joining of technology, a genocide of a Old New, and what tomorrow holds.

First, a Trip-Tik. We’ve used them for years. My mother loves a miracle of “flipping a page” as we transport from one widen of highway or backroad to a next.

Make a wrong turn, though, or do a small exploration, and a Trip-Tik is hard-pressed to reroute your travels on a fly.

That leads us to normal GPS inclination – Tom Tom, Garmin, Magellan and a like.

Simple to use, their “spoken,” turn-by-turn directions were effective, even novel. But in their morality lies their shortcoming. As a focused-use devices, they distortion in wait for an address.

Then there was Zack’s iPhone. With that device in hand, a GPS and Trip-Tik were bystanders on a byways and superhighway — practical and real. Plug in an residence or a grill name, and a directions are suggested onscreen in clear clarity. As for spoken, turn-by-turn instructions, Zack has a grasp of a English denunciation and a voice that carries.

More to a point, though: What a iPhone – and any smartphone – portends is a genocide of a uni-purpose device.

With a smartphone, a GPS is detritus on a roadside.

Still cameras? Have we seen a peculiarity of a smartphone still picture lately? My son shot a photography with his iPhone and emailed it my way. It was tighten to dual megs, and pointy as crystal.

Want to fire video? Even in a heyday before a new owners killed a product, a Flip video cam was elementary — though nonetheless another device that compulsory downloading or offloading in sequence to share, post or send.

iPod or other MP3 players? They competence as good be personification taps. Include in a list newspapers and magazines, alarm clocks, and wallets. Take a review for a list of what smartphones and tablets indeed are replacing.

It’s like a multipurpose printer, scanner and fax machine. Why buy many, when one will sufficient in both functionality and potency (I’m meditative desktop space saved with one tool). Ditto for a multipurpose wireless phone. Who has a pockets for such nonsense?

With expansion among competitors to Apple, like Samsung, HTC and others, this is not about what Mr. Jobs offers. It’s about a joining of record into one, compress device that’ll do all we need it to do.

Word to failing record out there: Might wish to find a new highway map.

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