Musing Review: Terra Nova – Now You See Me (S1, Ep9)

Strange bedfellows and spies.  That’s what tonight’s fantastic episode of Terra Nova was all about.  It was ripe with a lot of action and furthered quite a bit of storyline.  We even had our fair share of dinosaur drama!  This show has been on such an upswing for the past 4 episodes and I am loving it.  The Sixer storyline is getting to be the right amount of complex and now so many characters are interweaved into it.  There were some big revelations revealed tonight so my apologies for the spoilers.  I’m putting everything else after the break.

The opening scene turned out to be major foreshadowing for the two main plot points of the episode.  It started out with Taylor talking to Skye about the anniversary of Skye’s parent’s death and how they couldn’t believe it has been three years.  (They’re the two of the major characters of this episode).  Taylor heads out of Terra Nova in search of something not before we learn that Terra Nova has been on lock down since the last episode where they discovered that the Sixers were using the prehistoric dragonfly as a means of communication.

Taylor makes his way to the falls / cliffs we saw back in Genesis, the off limit ones where Skye and Josh were and they saw the strange symbols.  The symbols we now know are Lucas’ calculations that he uses to tease Taylor.  While looking for clues about his son he is ambushed by Mira.  Mira handcuffs him and intends to bring him back to the Sixer camp to try and ransom him off.  As they walk in the jungle Taylor tries to escape but is brought back down by Mira courtesy of a sonic weapon.  When he falls though he picks up a shard of metal that he uses to cut his rope handcuffs and of course, when he gets the opportunity he works to take down and disarm Mira.  Now it’s Taylor leading her back to Terra Nova.

They both sense a bit of danger on their trip back but it doesn’t present itself right away.  While walking the two start talking about Lucas, the Sixers, the powerful people in 2149.  Mira confirms Taylor’s suspicions about the future’s intentions for the past then she let’s Taylor know that Lucas is really the one in charge and that he’s close to making the portal work both ways. That’s when the danger presents itself. Enter slashers and they are fierce (and look great in CG).  If Taylor and Mira don’t work together they’ll die, they have to become strange bedfellows.  They escape the slashers once by diving off a cliff (pretty cool scene).  This turned out to be a neutralizing factor.  After they get out of the water all of the guns are gone so there’s no easy way for conflict to occur.  Both Taylor and Mira are more humanized.  In the next scene they really start to bond.  Mira explains to Taylor how she was forced into this job by being blackmailed in the future by talking about her past and daughter.  They also bond over how they’ve both had to learn how to survive in the jungle.  It was really nice to see them not at each other’s throats for once.  Will it be long lasting? I’m not sure, but I think it’ll both be integrated into their characters and we’ll see it reflected upon somehow in the future.

In the end they defeated the slashers together using a bow and flaming arrow.  They parted on seemingly good terms and Mira once again warned Taylor of how close Lucas is and that all this won’t matter much longer.

The other main storyline was rooting out the spy.  As I already said Terra Nova was on lockdown.  Jim was notified of some suspicious activity in the jungle and called to the observation deck of the command center.  Yes, Taylor left Jim in charge.  It was even noted in the episode that it was weird Taylor didn’t leave another military person was in command.  Lt. Washington was away on another mission.  This goes to show the level of trust that has developed between Taylor and Jim.

They found a shining light in the jungle and it looked to be morse code.  There was someone in Terra Nova responding with shining lights.  Jim and Reynolds eyed it from above and went to go find it.  They missed catching the spy but we found out it was Skye.  Shocker!  Well I’m actually not as shocked as I could have been. Over her past few appearances she seemed a little to strong and comfortable doing sketchy things.  She cut herself and left a nice DNA clue in the form of a blood drop.

We learn that Skye was trying to get intel out to the Sixers and had to make her way to the Sixer camp to get to them.  While at the camp we learn that she’s spying because she’s being blackmailed. Her mother is sick and the only people that have the cure are the Sixers. Is everyone just being blackmailed in Terra Nova?  Seriously. I guess that makes us feel more for Skye.  I was happy to find out that she’s not straight up evil though.  I’m still hoping for a Josh – Skye love match.  They did the casting too well for it not to work out, they just seem to have great chemistry.

Skye ends up sabotaging the DNA sample so Elisabeth can’t get a match for it.  So no catching they spy tonight.  Jim and Taylor are a lot closer now.  They had a list of all the people that had access to the medical lab and the DNA sample was analyzed enough to know it’s a woman.  Now there are only 47 spy suspects.  Skye gets to spy another day.

There was also another little side plot in which Reynolds officially declared his intentions for Maddy.  Jim clearly had a lot of angst but was able to have fun with Reynolds at the same time.  I think I like where this is going but they’re going to have to stretch it out.  I’m also starting to feel a little bit bad for Taylor.  He already lost his son to betrayal and now he’s going to get betrayed by Skye when he finds out she’s the spy.  He’s been treating her like a daughter.  I don’t know what Taylor will do when he finds out.  Will he jump off the deep end and go crazy or just take it out on the Sixers?

Well this was another great episode full of a lot of greatness.  Kudos again to the writers and actors.

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