New movies: ‘Twilight,’ ‘The Descendants’

Kristen Stewart stars as Bella in “Twilight.”
(Andrew CooperSMPSP – Summit Entertainment )
In this week’s new movies, George Clooney gives his best opening given “Michael Clayton” in “The Descendants” and Bella is behind with a newest installment of a “Twilight Saga.”

The Descendants” (R) “George Clooney doesn’t put a feet wrong solely on purpose in ‘The Descendants,’ a pitch-perfect film that threads a microscopically small needle between high comedy and harmful drama.” — Ann Hornaday

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 1” (PG-13) “Recent high propagandize connoisseur Bella Swan grows adult a lot in ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 1,’ apropos a bride, a intensity mom and maybe something stranger. Yet a ‘Twilight Saga’ hasn’t grown along with a heroine. In fact, a latest film regresses a bit, delivering some-more filler, reduction feeling and crummier CGI than final year’s ‘Eclipse.’” — Mark Jenkins

Happy Feet Two” (PG) “The gotta-move protagonist of a initial animated, Antarctica-set underline – a misfit immature Emperor penguin named Mumble – earnings for a sequel. Only this time he’s all grown adult . . . and a lot reduction fun.”— Michael O’Sullivan

Hell and Back Again” (Unrated) “‘Hell and Back Again’ packs a lot into a small documentary, switching between heated Afghan fight footage and scenes of a slower-moving, though no reduction intense, stateside liberation of a subject, bleeding Marine Sgt. Nathan Harris. It’s filled, utterly literally, with blood, persperate and tears.” — Michael O’Sullivan

The Conquest” (Unrated) “While filmmakers Xavier Durringer and Patrick Rotman still conduct to grasp a ring of truth… they do it with small heat. Failing to find deeper definition in their protagonist’s crises, they tell a story in a approach that will usually reason a seductiveness of those who already know it sincerely well.” — John DeFore