New movies: ‘Twilight,’ ‘The Descendants’

Kristen Stewart stars as Bella in “Twilight.”
(Andrew CooperSMPSP – Summit Entertainment )
In this week’s new movies, George Clooney gives his best performance since “Michael Clayton” in “The Descendants” and Bella is back with the newest installment of the “Twilight Saga.”

The Descendants” (R) “George Clooney doesn’t put a foot wrong except on purpose in ‘The Descendants,’ a pitch-perfect movie that threads a microscopically tiny needle between high comedy and devastating drama.” — Ann Hornaday

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 1” (PG-13) “Recent high school graduate Bella Swan grows up a lot in ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 1,’ becoming a bride, a potential mother and perhaps something stranger. Yet the ‘Twilight Saga’ hasn’t matured along with its heroine. In fact, the latest movie regresses a bit, delivering more filler, less feeling and crummier CGI than last year’s ‘Eclipse.’” — Mark Jenkins

Happy Feet Two” (PG) “The gotta-move protagonist of the first animated, Antarctica-set feature – a misfit young Emperor penguin named Mumble – returns for the sequel. Only this time he’s all grown up . . . and a lot less fun.”— Michael O’Sullivan

Hell and Back Again” (Unrated) “‘Hell and Back Again’ packs a lot into a little documentary, switching between intense Afghan war footage and scenes of the slower-moving, but no less intense, stateside recovery of its subject, wounded Marine Sgt. Nathan Harris. It’s filled, quite literally, with blood, sweat and tears.” — Michael O’Sullivan

The Conquest” (Unrated) “While filmmakers Xavier Durringer and Patrick Rotman still manage to achieve the ring of truth… they do it with little heat. Failing to find deeper meaning in their protagonist’s crises, they tell the story in a way that will only hold the interest of those who already know it fairly well.” — John DeFore