New movies: ‘The Muppets,’ ‘Hugo’

“The Muppets” opens Wednesday, just in time to entertain families on Thanksgiving break.
(Andrew Macpherson – AP)  
In this week’s new movies, Kermit, Fozzie and Miss Piggy return to the big screen, and Martin Scorsese directs a family-friendly story of a young orphan in 1930s Paris who lives in a train station.

Arthur Christmas (PG) “A worthy addition to the Christmas movie canon. It’s funny and good looking, with an impeccable voice cast of U.K. actors. It’s also unexpectedly fresh.” — Michael O’Sullivan

Hugo (PG) “During ‘Hugo’s’ final 20 minutes or so, when [director Martin] Scorsese mounts a lavish reenactment of those early days of the art form, the film truly comes to life, as the story’s preoccupation with mechanics and logistical dot-connecting gives way to imagination, magic and swashes of lurid color.” — Ann Hornaday

The Muppets (PG) “Both a delightful family film about the Muppets and a winking, self-referential satire about how lame the Muppets are.” — Michael O’Sullivan

The Swell Season (Unrated) “Most vividly, ‘The Swell Season’ captures the insistent, borderline-disturbing energy of fandom at its most rabid and psychically intrusive.”— Ann Hornaday

My Week With Marilyn (R) “[Michelle] Williams’s Monroe is more vital than anything else. The actress captures Monroe’s range of emotions and personae, her shifts from vulnerability to brashness.” — Mark Jenkins

Opening Nov. 25:

Revenge of the Electric Car (PG-13) — Michael O’Sullivan

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