Happy Thanksgiving – VIDEO

Happy Thanksgiving!! I hope everyone that celebrates has a wonderful, enjoyable day.  I racked my brain quite a bit on what I should share today when by brother in-law (giving credit where credit is due) said isn’t there a great Thanksgiving episode of WKRP in Cincinatti.  I didn’t know, the show is a little bit before my time so I disregarded it.  That was until it showed up as a popular episode on Hulu.  Seems that someone wanted me to watch it.  I decided to watch and it was pretty funny.  A little bit different kind of humor than something we’d see on TV today but is aired in October, 1978.

I’ve embedded it below so make your own decision.  It’s something more to do today after you’re done playing / watching football and searching the advertisements and interwebs for great black Friday deals or whatever stereotypical things you might be doing.

“As God as my witness I though turkeys could fly.” Enjoy! Happy Thanksgiving!