The Ocean Ridge Report – Panama Land for Sale – October 2011

Hello everybody, and welcome to this month’s edition of The Ocean Ridge Report (or TORR, as Stephy calls it).

Patricia has been in Panama with two sisters, her mom and a family friend for the past couple of weeks, which is why I’ve been here in Florida. If you think I’m going to spend two weeks in the same house with five wild Colombianas, you’re crazy! I have four items this month to discuss (including a bombshell), so here we go:

1) Questions from Josh.
Josh wanted an update on airports in the area, so we got the latest info. The new international airport will be located in Rio Hato, about 45 minutes east of Penonome (probably within two hours of the project). They will start building it next year, and it should be completed by 2015. There is also a small regional airport going into Santa Catalina, an hour and a half SW of Santiago – probably won’t concern anybody in this group, as it’s pretty much out of the way.

Now, here’s the bombshell that Patricia discovered during her research – the Panamanian government has just granted approval for yet another international airport, to be based in Santiago (yes, Santiago!). They will expand the existing airport to accommodate larger jets, with a projected finish date of 2016. In the next couple of months they will be flying 20 passenger jets into the airport on some test runs, and will probably open it up to flights from Panama City by early next year. Don’t know what it will cost, but we’ll keep you posted.

By the way, Patricia obtained all of this information directly from the governor, Ernesto Gonzalez, who we happen to be pretty good friends with. I don’t know how tough it is to see the governor where you’re from, but if you want to sit down with him in Panama we can easily set it up for you. It’s nice to have friends in high places.

2) Panamanian Hospital update.
The governor wanted to be sure that you are aware of his plans to build a new hospital in Santiago, behind the old one on the Panamerican Highway. Construction has already begun on a six story state of the art facility that will practically eliminate the need to ever go to Panama City for medical care. The hospital will have a full staff of U.S. trained physicians, with entire floors dedicated to oncology and cardiology, among other disciplines. According to Patricia, Senor Gonzalez is enthusiastic about the future, and he’s excited to have more foreigners moving into the area. Like I said, if anybody wants to meet him when they’re in Panama, just let us know.

3) Panamanian Oysters anyone?
Fresh Panamanian OystersFresh caught Panamanian Oysters! Just when I thought Panama couldn’t get any better we discovered oystering. On certain beaches you can go out at low tide and find them in the rocks. The three in the attached photo I found in about 5 minutes. They’re huge and extremely tasty. If you don’t like oysters, well, too bad for you. I also threw in a couple of photos from my last fishing trip a couple of weeks ago with my friend Mike from California.

Fresh caught Corvina in Panama – Check out the huge corvina – a shark bit a chunk Panamanian Corvinaout of his tail before we could get him in the boat. Sure wish we had some neighbors to give all this fish to.

4) Critter update.
I’ve spotted two coatimundis in the area; one was running in to lot #7 (Tom and Stephy’s). A coatimundi is a member of the raccoon family, and looks just like the attached photo. They eat about anything they can get ahold of, and are especially fond of British tourists! Kidding of course, they can actually be somewhat friendly once they become totally accustomed to people.

That’s it for this issue. We definitely welcome suggestions, comments and even snide remarks. Next month we have Tom, Stephy and Josh all coming in for a visit, so it should be fun.

Fishing is great in Panama

Nos Vemos,

Jay and Patricia

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