Proposed changes to endangered species list in South Florida

from the Sun Sentinel

Here are some of the animals whose endangered status would change under proposals that will be considered Wednesday by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Remove from list

  • Striped mud turtle (Lower Keys population)
  • Brown pelican
    • Limpkin
    • Snowy egret
    • White ibis
    • Florida black bear
    • Florida mouse
    • Florida tree snail
    • Gopher frog

    Upgrade from species of special concern to threatened

    • Burrowing owl
    • Little blue heron
    • Redish egret
    • Roseate spoonbill
    • Tricolored heron
    • Atlantic sturgeon
    • Florida bog frog
    • Florida Key mole skink
    • Barbour’s map turtle

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