Read your electric usage online

FP&L has been rolling out smart meters across South Florida.

“We’re installing smart meters on homes and many businesses throughout our service territory. Smart meters provide customers with more information than ever before about how they use energy.”

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My Comments

My only problem with this online access is that FP&L wants your Social Security number to use as part of the sign up for this system.   With all the ID theft people have to deal with, why would they want that as well?

I called FP&L to ask if there was another way to sign up without the SS#, and they said “No – we need the Social Security number as part of the sign up” – I had originally setup my account with my driver’s license number and they did not have my SS# on file.

If you ever had  your ID stolen, you know the last thing you want to give out is your SS#.

It sounded like a good idea…. I’ll have to think this over.

Do I really need to see my electric usage online. I guess I have been doing well not seeing it all these years…