How to get started working out

by Charles Mihlstin

How to get started working out even if you do not belong to a gym or have a set of weights.

Starting out on a fitness program can be very simple.

Using your own body weight will be enough resistance to start the exercise program.

Each workout will begin the same with a warm up like walking in place. Be sure to lift your knees as high as you can for about 5 minutes.

Next, you will want to stretch out your body or at least the body parts you are going to work out that day.

Why you ask? You can injure or tear muscle tissue if you attempt to use or stretch a cold muscle. After a few minutes of a simple activity, your muscles will warm up from the increased blood blow and a warmed up body becomes more flexable, You will have a better work out, with less chance of injuring yourself and of course better results.

Now to begin the core – We will focus on 3 or 4 body parts per work out. Doing three (3) sets per body part and 10 -15 reps per set.

We will start off doing chest, biceps, and triceps on one day.

  • We sill start by doing one of the most familiar exercises – push ups. Even if you have to do them on your knees
  • The next exercise will be triceps pushes on a chair

    Off the side of a chair. Face away form the chair like your going to sit, just put your hands on the edge of the chair, and drop your body, but only moving at the elbow joint and go up and down.

  • Then biceps curls, you can do these standing or sitting. If you do not have light weights like dumbbells, you can use water bottles.

On next workout day, were going to focus on legs. quads, hamstrings, and calves.

  • Start by doing squats

    With squats place your feet shoulders with apart and keep your back straight, only move at the knees,  bring your lower torso down so it is parallel to the ground and then back up.

  • Next are stiff leg movement. Stand straight up with a very slight bend in your knees, keep your back straight and only bend at the waist till you are about  parallel with the floor. You should feel it pulling in your hamstrings and a little in your lower back.  Hold for a moment and then come back up.
  • Finally calves raises, you can use  a step in your house. Put your feet on the end of the step, with only your toes on the edge and Lifting up and down, till you feel a nice burn.

Finally, on the third workout day, were will be doing  back, shoulders and abs.

  • Try doing pull ups even if you have to use your legs to get your self up.

    Hands should be about a shoulder’s with apart. If you are having problems with this exercise  – it’s ok to use your legs to get up.

  • Next do shoulders presses, you can use the water jugs if you want.

    To do a shoulder press, sit on a chair and push your hands straight over your head with light weights, till you have full extension, then back down.

  • Finally, ab crunches.

    Lay on the floor with your knees bent about 90 degrees, keep your head straight and never dig your chin into your chest. When crunching up exhale out all your air to get a good contraction.

It should only take you 20 min to do each work out. When your done you can always do 5-10 minutes of cardio to burn additional body fat.

  • You can walk in place
  • Do jumping jacks or
  • Walk around the neighborhood

Every 2 weeks, do an extra set or increase the reps, so you can keep getting results, other wise you might hit a plateau.

Make sure you use proper form – it’s very important.



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