Davie Lacrosse Photo Gallery

Davie Lacrosse in Broward CountyHi Everyone,

I setup a gallery of my photos for the Davie Youth Lacrosse Foundation – the Boys Senior Navy Team.

I have taken thousands of photos and decided to distill the amount of photos down to the best ones I feel came out well.

These photos were taken with a Canon 40D Camera using a Canon 70-200mm 2.8 L series lense.  The images are very large, so I had to crop and reduce the size of the images to be displayed on the web page.

Each game has between 25-40 images using a next and previous options to go through the images.


I guess this is more for the Parents and the players than for anyone else, but there are some good shots.

It is a tough sport that requires a combination of skills.

  • Lots of running
  • Playing while wearing helmet, gloves, shoulder & chest protection, arm guards and any additional gear.
  • Being able to use the lacrosse stick to catch, throw, run with a ball and scoop up a ball on the run
  • There is plenty of physical interaction to get the ball and control the ball
  • Learning offense and defense
  • Playing as a team
  • Knowing where all the players are while moving the ball down the field to the opponents goal.

I personally think the players are having a good time, even though it can be a physically challenging sport.

Enjoy the photos.