The Virgin America brand will disappear overnight

Come Wednesday morning, customers arriving at 29 airports in the U.S. and Mexico will find something missing: all check-in counters, kiosks, signs and gate areas branded as Virgin America. Overnight, after the final Virgin America flights are completed at 29 airports, Alaska will switch out all the Virgin America branding, including all signs and screens at curbside locations, lobbies, ticket counters, gates and baggage areas. Virgin America employees will also switch to using Alaska’s computer systems.

These 29 airports are where Virgin America and Alaska Airlines are both still operating flights, but on Tuesday night, two years after Alaska Airlines acquired Virgin America for $2.6 billion, the final Virgin-branded revenue flights will be flown.

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Fused Glass Art in Downtown Hollywood

Fusion by Design - Fused Glass Art in Downtown Hollywood
A hidden gem in Hollywood’s Downtown is Fusion by Design located within L/Mercado Studios. Come meet local artist in residence, JoAnn Laskin. Find unique handmade fused glass art or functional art glass pieces. Beginning fused glass classes are available for your next unique date night, corporate team building event, or ladies night out.

Contact JoAnn Laskin at
or 954-558-8682 to schedule your class.

Fusion by Design - Fused Glass Art in Downtown Hollywood. Fusion by Design is located within L/Mercado Studios

Broward Auto Scratch Repair

Broward Auto Scratch Repairs by Paint Shuttle offering a mobile body shop service to repair your minor vehicle damages like scratches, dents and dings

Have a scratch, dent or blemish on the finish of your car? You do not have to spend your time locating, driving and waiting at an auto body shop.

Paint Shuttle offers a mobile body shop service to repair your minor vehicle damages like scratches, dents and dings right at your home or office. We cover Broward and Palm Beach counties in South Florida.

  • We have been in business for over 20 years performing our special service to auto dealers across South Florida. Now offering our expert Broward auto scratch repair service to the public.
  • All minor auto body damages like auto paint scratches are sanded, filled and painted to match the exact color of paint using our computerized paint matching system.
  • We can even repair clear coat damage depending on the auto finish.
  • It will be almost impossible to tell that a car was ever scratched because your car will look as if it was never damaged!
We can fix most any minor auto body damage:
• Auto Dent Repairs • Door Dings • Car Scratch Repairs • Minor Body Damage
• Paint Scuffs • Key Scratches • Cosmetic Auto Repairs • Minor Collision Repairs
• Hail Damage • Paintless Dent Repairs • Paint damage • Plastic Bumper Repair
• Minor fender benders • Damaged Fenders • Foreign or Domestic • Vans & Trucks
• Fenders • Hoods • Doors • Trunks
• Door Frames • Grills • Roofs • Bumpers
• Quarter Panels • Rocker Panels

Contact us today to see how our auto scratch repair services can help you.

Call us at 954.551.3200 for a free estimate at your home or office
Use our online Contact Form for one of our agents to contact you.

Paint Shuttle – Mobile Auto Body Shop & Paint Repair Service
265 S. Federal Highway – Suite 293 · Deerfield Beach, Florida 33441 · USA
Phone: 954.551.3200

We specialize in minor body repair, plastic bumper repair, removing small dents, and paint scratch removal on site in a matter of hours. We have served over 60 dealers and are continuing to offer our services now. We are now here to serve you at your home or office, call for free estimate – Covering Miami, Broward and Palm Beach Counties

From Home-Based Writer to Music Festival Camper Blogger, How to (Re)Create Your Brand

From Home-Based Writer to Music Festival Camper Blogger, How to (Re)Create Your BrandBy Jeff Zbar

As I was sitting in my RV camping at a music festival recently, it dawned on me: I’m a work of evolutionary forces. I’m also an example of how business works in the 21st Century. Almost 30 years ago, I started working from home as a journalist and corporate copywriter. Twenty years ago, I coined the term “Chief Home Officer” for home-based entrepreneurs and teleworkers who worked from home or the road, and I launched a blog and wrote four books on the subject. Last year, I created to promote my latest adventure – visiting music festivals by RV.

Each adventure became a social media exercise and potentially profitable venture. Very little “treasure” (or actualy money) was needed. Mostly, I deployed time and talent, and a host of tools available for free on the Internet.

How can you brand your business using the internet, social media, and a healthy dose of sweat equity?

  • Find a brand – and name – that works. From ChiefHomeOfficer to to, I spent time to search for and research domain names that were keyword rich, spoke to my audience, and were available as a .com URL (or website) and on social media. A great name’s no good if it’s not available or doesn’t serve your purposes.
  • Invest time and labor. Setting up a WordPress website, a Facebook business page, an Instagram account, or a Snapchat profile doesn’t cost any money. But that doesn’t make them “free.” Done well, you’ll invest time writing, designing, gathering and posting photographs, and handling the other efforts needed to create the online image of your brand. You’ll also hopefully invest time to learn how to use the search and marketing tools social media provides. Again, they’re “free.” But they’ll cost your time.
  • Have fun with it. This serves two important purposes. The more you know your market, the more of an expert you’ll be. You’ll write with authority, and might attract marketing partners willing to pay you to run their ads on your media or to be a “Subject Matter Expert” they might hire to help promote their own efforts. But more importantly, if it’s fun you won’t see it as work.

So, what’s your brand? And what are you doing to build it from a thought you conjured up on the couch or campsite to something people are willing to follow or invest in? Answer that, and you’re on your way to a fun and rewarding brand-building adventure.

Jeff Zbar is a Florida-based journalist, corporate copywriter, event blogger, and married empty-nester who travels the country by RV visiting music festivals and enjoying the open road. Learn more at or

I created to promote my latest adventure - visiting music festivals by RV.

H2B Programs by LaborQuest USA

H2B Programs by LaborQuest-USALaborQuest USA provides H2B guest workers for any employers who have a seasonal, intermittent or a one-time occurrence need for guest workers. The H2B visa is designated for guest workers who will be employed in any qualifying non-agricultural positions. The most common industries LaborQuest provides H2B programs (guest workers) are: landscaping, grounds maintenance, construction (including: painting/roofing/framing/drywall), restaurant/hospitality, maintenance, golf, manufacturing, processing, and other specialty services businesses.

H2B Visa are used for?

U.S. Companies hiring H2B guest workers to perform temporary work for which no US workers are available.

H2B Non-Agricultural Employer Requirements

  • Payroll Records: Two years of employer’s payroll records may be necessary to demonstrate your peak/seasonal need.
  • Hourly Wage: The DOL sets the prevailing H2B wage rate based on the job to be performed. The employer is responsible for all regular local, state and federal payroll taxes, including paying Social Security and unemployment (FICA, FUTA and SUTA). The employer is responsible for assisting guest workers in obtaining Social Security cards upon their arrival.
  • Insurance: H2B Employer’s must provide guest workers with compensation insurance.
  • Housing: H2B Guest workers can pay for all their housing costs and related expenses. While H2B employers are under no legal obligation to provide housing, it is preferred that arrangements are made for affordable and proper housing prior to engaging in the program. We can help.
  • Transportation: H2B Employer’s must pay for the visa, transportation (including subsistence) and any recruitment/processing costs incidental to the hiring of temporary foreign workers
  • Social Security: When H2B guest workers arrive employers are required to take them to apply for social security cards. This is very simple, you can contact your local SS Office for instructions. We can help.
  • Work Supplies: H2B Employer’s furnishes all tools/supplies necessary to perform the work at no cost to the guest workers.
  • Environment: H2B Employer’s needs to unsure everyone in the workplace will treat participants with respect and dignity.

Request a Quote

Learn more about our programs for seasonal workers, guest worker programs and other work visas!

LaborQuest – Florida
6801 Lake Worth Road, Suite 336
Greenacres, FL 33467
Florida Direct: (561) 904-8000
Toll Free US/Canada: (800) 816-6041
LaborQuest – New York
30 Bridge Road, Suite 111
Rouses Point, NY 12979
New York Direct: (518) 297-7788
Toll Free US/Canada: (800) 816-6041

Will Trump Cut Social Security And Medicaid? Bernie Sanders …

Senator Bernie Sanders wants President Donald Trump to know that he reads Trump’s tweets—especially those with promises the president is breaking.

On Tuesday, Sanders took to the Senate floor to remind Trump about his tweeted vow to not cut social welfare programs—something that’s set to happen under the Republican tax reform plan.

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12 Reasons Bicycling Will Continue to Soar in Popularity

For too long biking has been viewed skeptically as a white-people thing, a big city thing, an ultra-fit athlete thing, a twenty-something thing, a warm weather thing or an upper-middle-class thing. And above all else, it’s seen as a guy thing.

But guess what? The times, they are a-changin’. More than 100 million Americans rode a bike in 2014, and bicycles have out-sold cars most years in the U.S. since 2003.

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New housing protection for veterans and domestic violence victims

Broward County landlords can no longer refuse to rent to someone simply because that person is a military veteran or domestic violence victim.

Broward commissioners unanimously voted to expand the county’s housing anti-discrimination regulations Tuesday to ensure military personnel and returning veterans have access to housing and that victims of domestic assault aren’t victimized again.

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Renewable Energy Isn’t Perfect, But It’s Far Better Than Fossil Fuels

In their efforts to discredit renewable energy and support continued fossil fuel burning, many anti-environmentalists have circulated a dual image purporting to compare a lithium mine with an oil sands operation. It illustrates the level of dishonesty to which some will stoop to keep us on our current polluting, climate-disrupting path (although in some cases it could be ignorance).

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Broward’s Oldest Resident Donates Her Time To The County’s Newest

Mazie Ford is Broward County’s only verified supercentenarian. That’s someone who’s over 110 years old, and Ford is almost 111.5.

She was born on June 28, 1906. That makes her the oldest verified living person in Broward County, and the second oldest in all of Florida.

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