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Broward Web Design for South Florida

Need a website for your Broward Business without the hassle?

Many businesses spend thousands of dollars for a website. The problem is, that a successful website will take more than just building it! You need to continually market the web site.

Why get a web page with us?

  • We are a Florida based company
  • Over 10 years of web development
  • Over 5 years of website marketing experience
  • We continually market the across the Internet.
  • Our knowledge, experience and research can help almost any company. 

There are several steps involved in setting up
a successful web site:

  1. Carefully select a Domain Name - use Network Solutions, or another Domain service to order a domain for at least 3 years - the estimated cost with Network Solutions is about $75. The other Domain services may be less.
  2. Order a dependable web hosting service - $10.00 - $35.00 per month - order annually it's cheaper -
  3. Spend some time looking at the competition and find at least 3 website designs that you like so you have an idea of what you want your websitre to look like.
  4. If you don't plan on building the website yourself, hire someone with experience
  5. Design the layout of the web site - this is the template for the whole website
  6. Build the website - add content & images to each page
  7. Market the website - this is an ongoing process, so understand - there is NO Field of Dreams slogan where "If They Build it and They Will Come".
  8. Update the website on a regular basis
  9. Spend more time marketing the website - it never ends.

We can create an extremely affordable Broward website presence for you. It's one thing to build a web site and quite another to market it. Why not get both!

We can offer several solutions.

  1. Enter Your Own Free Listing
    - If you cannot afford a website, then use this link below. Almost any company conducting business in Broward County can submit a free listing.  Simply register and create one of our free business listings.

  2. Order an affordable single web page
    - If you are on a very tight budget and want to have something more, our first affordable web design solution is to provide a web page representing your business products or services from the

    • Build the web page with your content.
    • Optimize the web page - we optimize your web page for a keyword phrase that best describes your business
    • Host the web page here on the
    • All you need to do is to supply the images and content (be aware you cannot use copyrighted materials unless you have permission in writing).

    What you get is an online web page with your logo, images and your business message with contact information. is continually conducting on going search engine marketing. So your web page will be automatically included in the marketing (being a sub page from the main page) and submitted to the search engines.

    It's easy and simple so anyone can have a web page representing their Broward business on the web!

    We will create a simple proposal to make it happen - Click here to contact us to order

  3. We Can Build Your Website on Your Domain

We can help you through the whole process in a friendly manner. We make it easy and simple. We will be happy to provide you a web design and web marketing quote based on your needs and how you want the website to look and say. Click here to contact us


Some Sample Broward Website Pages:

Contact us today!
To get an affordable Broward web page
for your local business.



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