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Order Online Hurricane Supplies
from the Broward Directory:

Shop smart for the Hurricane Season - buy your Hurricane Supplies online and save time and gas.

These items are offered by
We are an affiliate and receive compensation for this product

Freeze Dried Food for Long Shelf Life and Emergency use


Fruit & Vegetables in canned, dehydrated and dryed methods.


First Aid Kits when you have minor emergencies after or during the storm


Handy Camping Water Filters from Amazon - Clean water is essential to your life


When you have very little time to eat, grab a breakfast bar.
These are good tasting ans will help you make it through the day


Camping grills are wonderful when the electric goes out and you need to cook a meal.
These models are small and easy to store and use.


Solar Power Chargers for your laptop, cell phone and ipod from the sun


Hard to find Solar Panels, Inverters and Batteries for larger power requirements
Get your power from the Sun - It's Clean and non-toxic


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