Tai Chi and Qigong Movement Classes from White Crane Healing Arts

Qigong can be literally translated as energy practice. It includes all kinds of internal and external forms that enhance the quality of Qi and increase circulation. There are two classifications of Qigong, Nei Dan (internal forms) and Wei Dan (external forms). Qigong practice is beneficial because it promotes good health by facilitating the body’s internal healing mechanisms and increasing the production of white blood cells which enhance immunity. This allows the body to function more efficiently. Qigong can be practiced in a simple standing, sitting or lying down position; or it can be graceful and sophisticated movement like the meditative forms of Tai Chi and Eight Treasures. Unlike calisthenics, integral movement enhances life energy slowly by progressively making the body more flexible and improving overall health. With practice the mind becomes skillful at remaining attentive while moving.

As you practice and refine the movements you will eventually notice old problems and symptoms becoming less problematic or disappearing altogether. Tai Chi and Qigong Movement releases bound up energy and emotions which will help you to experience joy, peacefulness and flexibility.

Our Tai Chi and Qigong Movement instructors are experienced, certified and trained to skillfully teach a number of movement and Qigong forms specific to an individuals needs. This type of movement is beneficial for all age groups including seniors and older children.

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