Reduce Slip And Fall Accidents With A Durable Anti-Slip Coating Application

National Sealing was contracted to provide our non slip application for this new apartment community. The sides of the pool or copings were stone, and a bit slippery. Being prudent to reduce the risk of litigation, the developer invested in our clear, durable non slip application to create a profile that would create an anti slip surface, while preserving the beauty of the stone.

Slip and fall accidents pose one of the biggest risks to all types of businesses today. This is a completely unnecessary risk for companies to take on when they could easily be avoided with a permanent anti-slip coating application in key and potentially problematic areas. When you think that a single slip and fall accident whether by an employee or member of the public could result in a law suit that could easily put you out of business not investing in a anti-slip coating for your company or property is at best reckless. Most slip and fall concerns could be eliminated with a quality anti-slip coating. We caution the internet / DYI applications as most have questionable results.

By investing in an anti-slip coating application for areas at risk of slip and fall your business can easily fend off frivolous lawsuits, prove due diligence, and know that you have taken every precaution and preventative measure to reduce such slip and fall incidents.

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