9 inch Wireless CarPlay Screen for Car

9 inch Wireless CarPlay Screen for Car & 4K Dash Cam with Android Auto.Portable Car Stereo with Backup Camera & Touchscreen Display.Dash Mout Car Play. Drive Play with Navigation and Buetooth Radio

Play Screen for Car & 4K Dash Cam with CarPlay or Android Auto
Portable Car Stereo with Backup Camera & Touchscreen Display.
Dash Mount Car Play
Drive Play with Navigation and Bluetooth Radio

  • Wireless Apple Car Play/Android Auto – With wireless CarPlay/Android Auto connectivity, you can easily use apps like Waze, Google Maps, Spotify and more. Siri/Google Assistant voice control for navigation, music playback and hands-free calling through bluetooth.
  • Intelligent Brightness-Adjustable Touchscreen? The Luzeterna Portable Apple CarPlay system features an adaptive light-sensing touchscreen. It intelligently senses day and night conditions, the function that can automatically adjust the screen brightness instead of manual adjustment ensures a driving experience free from discomfort and glare.
  • 4K Dashcam/Backup Camera –  Luzeterna portable car stereo, fully upgraded 4K dashcam with 1080P backup camera!  No matter the day or night, it can record your journey and present it in excellent quality.
  • The front and back dual recording features capture detail. The unique split screen display enables you to view the driving record and reverse image simultaneously, ensuring your driving safety.
  • AirPlay/Android Mirror Link – Connecting to a portable carplay via phone, AirPlay and Android mirror links make your journey more colorful. The navigation map, movies, videos and games are projected onto the 9.3-inch screen to achieve intelligent navigation, high-definition video entertainment and games, making every driving fun and convenient. Please note: Some software, such as Netflix, may not be available.
  • Add Apple CarPlay to Any Car – This head unit, compatible with CarPlay and Android Auto, is suitable for various vehicles with a voltage range of 7-32V, including sedans, trucks, and RVs. Its installation is very simple, just plug into the cigarette lighter socket. We offer a variety of brackets: suction cup and self-adhesive that ensure you can choose the installation location, bringing greater convenience to your CarPlay.
  • 4 audio outputs
    • 1: Use the built-in speaker of the portable automotive Audio CarPlay to output the sound through the device.
    • 2: Synchronize the FM frequency with the vehicle radio through the touch screen to achieve.
    • 3: Plug the AUX cable into the vehicle’s original AUX port to output audio.
    • 4: Connect iPhone and car radio via Bluetooth.
    • Note that Bluetooth audio transfer is only available for CarPlay, not Android Auto. The last three methods can output audio through the original car speakers