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How to add a Broward Classified Ad

  1. Fill out the form below
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By submitting an article, you agree that you have the legal rights to provide the ability to post your business information including any images, without any legal hindrance or copyright infringement issues. The person submitting the classified will assume all legal responsibilities.
Your classified should include

  • Enter a Title of what you are sellingĀ  – Do not spam – describe what you are listing
  • Enter a category that best describes your product or service
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  • Enter some keywords that people would use to find your item or service
  • Enter your contact information in your ad – what you want displayed
  • Enter a link to your website in your classified – if you have one
  • Finally select the period of time for the ad
  • Be sure to pay the fee or the listing will not be added!

Classified Submissions

  • Like - office equipment, home items, auto, sporting goods, services, etc
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