Obama’s Florida Counsel is Making Sure a Votes Get Counted

Stephen Rosenthal

Between relate debacles and quarrelsome electoral laws, Florida doesn’t accurately suffer a trouble-free repute in high-stakes elections. That is one reason Stephen Rosenthal, lead

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Insurers, financial planners still punch over Florida’s new annuity-sales law …

According to state regulators, during a initial 12 months after a law took outcome in Jan 2011, consumer complaints about fake guarantees, extreme fees and other violent practices fell sharply

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Early voting in Florida wasn’t harm by new law – Daytona Beach News

Early voting in a Aug 2012 primary was adult 52 percent from Aug 2008. This considerable display followed a Republican-dominated Legislature’s thoroughfare of a argumentative choosing law that, among other

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Republicans Are Losing Election-Law War as Balloting Nears

Republicans are losing many of the
court fights with Democrats over either GOP-backed state voter
regulations will illegally conceal audience among a bad and
minorities in a Nov. 6 presidential

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Court Rulings Help Illegal Immigrants’ College-Bound Children

But in apart decisions over a past month, courts in New Jersey and Florida have rebuffed those efforts, adding new boundary to a measures state officials can take to crack

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Proposal prolongs health debate

Opponents of Amendment 1, including one of today’s Front Burner columnists, disagree that a amendment is pointless; a president’s law has been inspected by a U.S. Supreme Court, and

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