Why Are Artificial Colors and Flavors Still in Our Food?

As an individual with allergies to artificial colors, flavors and preservatives, I’ve often been deceived by a “natural” product whose bright color or fresh taste actually comes from an artificial dye or preservative. Time and time again, I’ve received “natural product” recommendations

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Fighting Fracking: Calvin Tillman Shares His Story of Standing Up to the Fossil Fuel Industry

Since I joined the fight to end fracking three years ago, I’ve had the privilege of meeting so many inspiring people across the U.S. fighting the oil and gas industry in their communities. Most recently, I met Calvin

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Anti Slip Application for Stamped Concrete by National Sealing

ANTI SLIP APPLICATION - STAMPED CONCRETE - 2014-08-07 18.22.02-600 This customer in New Orleans had a large, newly installed stamped concrete deck. The deck had been sealed by the contractor which created a very slippery surface. A novice attempt was made to apply a sand-type non slip which was quickly worn down. We combine our durable coating process (vs. sealers), and our durable nano grip beads to deliver a long lasting, non slip surface.

Or coating process on average last 4-5 times longer than sealer. This is a three part formula with hardeners that results in durable, long lasting slip protection. Our process is applied by our trained professionals and is not sold. We’ve witnessed sealer processes that combine sealer with shaved plastic or ‘shark grip’ particles. This process is good – however only lasts about 6 months. The tops of the imbedded plastic wears, and you’re left with only a ‘sealed’ surface. This actually compounds the issue and actually makes the surface even more slippery. Our coating process combines small glass beads that are broadcast onto the surface and then ‘locked in’ with a top coat. The result is not only a durable coating, but a durable non slip aggregate as well.

We mobilize throughout the US as well as international applications. Currently we know of no other process that will match the durability and longevity of the coating process combined with our anti slip application.


National Sealing Co.
2269 S University Dr, Fort Lauderdale FL 33324
Phone: 954-577-8837

We market and apply a unique, clear, inorganic coating that protects a wide array of different surfaces and is one of the most durable products available today.

New All-Natural Soaps from EcoSimplista

New all-natural soaps are now in stock. Give your skin a break from harsh detergents try some great new organic scents like Activated Charcoal, Mountain Air, Lavender with Flowers, and Chocolate Cinnamon.

All Natural Soaps from EcoSimplistahttp://www.ecosimplista.com/shop/home/hand-made-soap.html

Live Life Simplista.

We believe it is possible to live life ‘green’ regardless of one’s income or position in life.

It takes a step by step approach to transition to a less selfish, clean, sustainable lifestyle. Each step becomes its own reward. Let us all try to leave this planet, our home, cleaner than we found it for the future of all humanity.

EcoSimplista – Eco-friendly Building Supplies, Home Solutions, Decorative Concrete and Unique Recycled Furniture
619 East Sunrise Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33304
954 565 5900

As Florida’s leader and supplier of eco-friendly building supplies and home solutions, the mission of EcoSimplista is quite simple. We believe the use of non-toxic, sustainable products and services will update and enhance your home, while bettering our world. For us home design is a combination of functionality, style and endurance, combined with a moral, social and environmental responsibility. At EcoSimplista design is about creating solutions from natural elements. EcoSimplista is here to help you to live, create, and innovate an environmentally responsible lifestyle.


Journey to Paradise in Panama

By Jay Stafford

Helicopter trip from Panama City to our house in Paradise, Ocean Ridge Estates, Panama

Panama is one of the fastest growing property and investment opportunities in the world. While the real estate in Panama offers tremendous value – it is the low cost of living that really attracts people to Panama. Panama’s pristine beauty, near-perfect weather, friendly locals, world-class fishing and outdoor activities makes owning land in Panama an excellent choice.

At Ocean Ridge Estates you can truly have it all – a top quality lifestyle for a very affordable price. Contact us with any questions you have, and start finding out how you can have your very own piece of paradise.


Spring Equinox & Quiet Sitting Class at White Crane

White Crane Healing Arts - Holistic Family Healthcare - Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Herbal Therapy, Qigong Classes, Self Cultivation Practices  NutritionHello Friends and Students,

The next Taoist Quiet Sitting Class is on Tuesday, March 24th from 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm. We will continue to explore the energies of sinking (descending) and how to move these energies with great discernment into the dissolving process. Most of us find that when we start to observe, our minds are jumbled up into a mixture of thoughts, emotions and sensations; but we lack the skill to calm and integrate these experiences. Without clear discernment and the ability to feel the quality of energy that is occupying your mind at any given moment, it becomes increasingly difficult to quiet your being and deepen the experience of true inner space.

We will also begin a conversation about fear. The energy of fear creates one of the most fundamental blockages that can be encountered. Discussion will focus on the nature of fear and how it limits our growth at every level.

Beginners Welcome!

Location: White Crane Healing Arts Center, 7071 W. Commercial Blvd. 2C, Tamarac, FL 33319

Date Time: Tuesday, March 24th  7:00 – 8:30 PM

Cost: $10.00

phone: 954-721-7252
email: whitecrane.iborra@gmail.com

Website:  http://www.whitecranehealingarts.com

PS – Friday, March 20th is the spring equinox. The new moon will prevail and in that will be the energy of new beginnings. Day and Night will be equal; and therefore yin and yang will also be equal. The sun will rise directly in the east and set directly in the west. In Taoist cosmology, the equinox is considered a high energy day.

If desired, you can acknowledge this energy with incense, candles and/or invocations. The idea is to raise your consciousness and purify your energy; especially on the subtle spiritual plane. Other suggestions include meditation, prayer, a reading of something that inspires you deeply, spending time in nature watching a sunrise or sunset, visiting a beach, forest or mountain. Whatever you choose, it should be done with clear intent – you get the idea!

Good Journey,


New Dyeing Process for Faded Pavers

NationalSealing-before-after-dyeingNational Sealing Co is the largest paver sealing Co in the US, with over 2M square feet of pavers protected. We recognized a need to develop a coloring process for properties that had not sealed pavers which resulted in fading. Fading of pavers is a fatal conclusion to the lack of continued sealing of pavers. Currently, many of those properties now are faced with a dilemma of how to restore the pavers without having to replace them.

This customer purchased a home in which the pavers had faded. There was barely ANY color left in the pavers as they had been down for many years. Clear sealer was not really an option, as the color was gone-no reason to protect from fading. The only other option was to replace. As you can see from the photos, our solution of coloring or dyeing the pavers restored the pavers very close to the original. A much more economical solution than staring over.

New Dyeing Process for Faded Pavers
Our recently developed process not only re-colors the pavers, but even in this case, where there was barely any color in the pavers, still allows the variations in color patterns to still show. This process of dyeing is not to be confused with painting the pavers which results in a very unnatural, slippery surface which creates an ongoing maintenance issue. Our process of dying the pavers actually penetrates the paver to resemble the original.

Our process restores life back to tired, faded pavers and is a very economical solution versus the alternative of starting over.

National Sealing Co. Inc.
2269 S University Dr, Fort Lauderdale FL 33324
Phone: 954-577-8837  –  Fax: 954-476-7975

Offering nation wide consultation / applications for protecting various flooring surfaces
Our product line includes: conventional sealing, anti slip applications, staining, coloring, dyeing and our patented ‘coating’ process. In addition; epoxy applications, cement overlays, mildew control, anti graffiti and grinding services.