7 things Americans should know about travel to Cuba

Havana (CNN)With the United States and Cuba set to restore full diplomatic relations next week, many Americans rightfully wonder what’s really changed as a result of America’s new policy with the communist-run island nation.

Since we’re talking about

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Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Grants $15 Million to Environmental Organizations

Leonardo DiCaprio might be best known for his movies, but in recent years he been getting a lot of press for his dedication to protecting our planet. From speaking at the UN on climate change to donating millions of dollars to

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5 Reasons Legalizing Pot Is Good for the Planet

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The movement to legalize marijuana use and cultivation is picking up steam across the U.S. In California medical marijuana has been legal since 1996, while recreational use—though still not

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10 big questions facing Florida politics in the wake of the redistricting decision

As has been widely reported, the Florida Supreme Court ruled last week that the state’s congressional maps don’t meet the requirements of a voter-approved constitutional amendment that prohibits political lines from being drawn to favor incumbents or a political party. The court

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Major Environmental Group Endorses Bernie Sanders’ 2016 Bid

The first national green group to make an endorsement in the 2016 election just threw its weight behind Bernie Sanders.

Announced Saturday afternoon in New Hampshire, the endorsement from Friends of the Earth Action arrives amid rising frustration from the environmental

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