Obama Visits Yosemite, Warns of Risks From Climate Change

President Obama warned that the country’s national parks are at risk from climate change while visiting Yosemite Falls with his family over the weekend.

Immersion in Basque country: Part I – Sonoma Index

I’m on a quest to find the world’s oldest fishermen, catch some fish, and eat some good food.

France has caves with evidence of prehistoric human habitation that dates back tens of thousands of years. Most of those caves have drawings of mammals, such as deer, bison and horses, but in the caves of Basque country, scientists found drawings of fish, presumably caught by prehistoric anglers.

Frustration spills over seagrass die-off in Florida Bay


Frustration spills over seagrass die-off in Florida Bay, the worst in decades; residents and officials demand action

The campaign to save Florida Bay should move to the ballot box, speakers fumed Thursday in Islamorada.

“Talking to the politicians obviously is not working,” Islamorada Village Council member Jim Mooney said after a presentation on Florida Bay’s woes to the village board.

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Javier Manjarres posts bail, returns to blogging

Conservative blogger Javier Manjarres has evidently returned from a stint in jail and returned to blogging about Florida politics on his site, the The Shark Tank.

The blog was on hiatus over the weekend, with no posts published between Friday and Monday. Manjarres was processed and released from the Palm Beach County jail after his arrest Saturday on attempted murder charges.


A graphene patch that monitors and presumably treats diabetes

Diabetes is flourishing into a tellurian open health crisis, one that places huge mercantile burdens on many nations. Once suspicion of as a illness that typically strikes abundant adults, form 2 diabetes has fast widespread all over a world, indifferent to socioeconomic standing or age.

Treatment of form 2 diabetes requires patients to control their blood sugarine levels by a brew of dietary restrictions and medication. Unfortunately, following the swell of these efforts is not as easy as it sounds. Glucose-monitoring inclination accessible on a marketplace typically need a user to obtain a tiny blood representation that can be review to quantify a turn of the sugar. A minimally or non-invasive alternative would substantially assistance many patients stay on tip of their health.